6 Ways to Get a FREE Flight Upgrade, Expert Reveals

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A recent survey found that 65% of people plan to ‘go big’ with their travel plans this year, with many wanting to make up for a lost time after the pandemic. Alongside this, 40% of travellers are willing to spend more on trips, splurging on treats for their getaway. However, for many, the price of a first-class plane ticket is still out of reach with airlines such as Emirates charging upwards of $10,000 for a one-way ticket. Therefore, Travel Experts at Forbes Advisor have put together their advice on how to increase your chances of being upgraded on a flight, from knowing when to check-in, in to how to ask for an upgrade.

Experts reveal how to increase your chances of being upgraded on a flight

1.       Check in early.

When heading to the airport, most people simply try to arrive with enough time to check-in bags, clear security and relax before taking off. However, many people don’t realize the time you check-in can influence your chances of an upgrade.

If you want to improve your chances of a free first-class seat, try checking in either very early – or last minute. If you arrive several hours early for your flight, you’re most likely to beat off any competition for first-class or business tickets – and avoid missing out on someone who got there before you. Chances are if the economy cabin has been overbooked, airlines will want to rectify this sooner rather than later to avoid causing delays.