A Matter of Time: “Gripping,” “Intriguing” Time Travel Thriller Joins Man Escaping Peril of Pre-9/11

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I.P.D. Watts’ ‘A Matter of Time: The Future Is Not Set’ is a fast-paced, absolutely engrossing sci-fi thriller, as one man resurfaces in 2016, fifteen years after he vanished just days before the 9/11 catastrophe. His family were victims, and now the CIA has a contract on him and everyone he has come into contact with. But why? Can he escape back in time to stop everything in its tracks? One critic wrote, “From start to finish this book is gripping. This is an amazing book considering it is the Author’s debut, obviously the first of many.”

When turning the pages of I.P.D. Watts’ ‘A Matter of Time: The Future Is Not Set’, it’s hard to believe it’s a debut novel. The narrative is highly cinematic, vivid – and compels readers to rethink all they know about time, fate and consequence.

But it’s entirely deliberate, because Watts has pieced together a science fiction and time-travel novel unlike anything else on the market.

Synopsis: Peter Collins, disappeared without trace a week before 9/11. On September 5, 2016, fifteen years later, an unknown person stumbles through an NSA time vortex by mistake; Peter Collins had resurfaced. He finds that his wife, Marie, has remarried. Ashley, his daughter, is now twenty-seven, but worst of all, his two twin boys, Tom and Jake, only ten years of age, perished at the World Trade Center. He meets a woman called Heather Lombard who helps him get back on his feet. But he discovers the CIA has a contract out on him, and everyone he has come in contact with since arriving in 2016. The body count starts to rise as good friends die around him. NSA special agent, Doug McClean, wants to send him back to 2001, so he can regain his life as it was, but he has to find him first, and a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues with the CIA. Will Peter get the chance to go back and regain the fifteen years he has lost and save Tom and Jake from 9/11? Or will he be stuck in 2016. Can the future be changed? Or are all our futures set? It’s all A Matter of Time.

“I wanted to craft something that involved real-world events readers can relate to, while also forcing them to think deeply about many elements of life we rarely pause to consider – such as the idea of our futures already being set,” explains the author. “Peter has faced insurmountable tragedy and confusion, yet the responsibility for picking up the pieces still lays on him. It’s a metaphor for that eternal struggle we all face in life.”

Continuing, “Initial feedback from readers has been extremely positive, and I’m so proud to see this come from my first novel. Plenty of new ideas are on my writing table, so expect something new very soon!”

As mentioned, reviews have been five-star. Sophie Lee Hillyer writes, “I really enjoyed this book, which was a Christmas gift. It was very well written and researched. I read it in a couple of days a real page turner.”

Sophie Humphrey adds, “Really pleased that I picked this as my next read. A thoroughly enjoyable book with great characters and a thrilling storyline with many twists and turns. I sped through it as I just couldn’t put it down! Hope that there is more to come from the author.”

‘A Matter of Time: The Future Is Not Set’ is available now: https://amzn.to/2XGciC5.

Author’s official website: http://ipdwatts.com.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ipdwatts.

Author, Ian Watts lives in Leicestershire with his life partner, Kim. Between them, they have five lovely children and two beautiful small ones. He loves all forms of music and has played guitar in many rock bands. Also, a big rugby fan and of most sports, and enjoys a regular round of golf.

He has always had a love for writing, and over the past ten years has honed his craft with novels and screenplays. He loves writing very early in the morning when it’s quiet and everyone is asleep for the most inspiration.

More stories from I.P.D. Watts are in progress.