About Us


An Innovative design, media organization specializing in editorial content, marketing, advertising, sales, digital, and print production working across both partnered and owned media.


A glossy, international brand featuring an eclectic mix of high-profile industry leaders, photographers, and creative artists worldwide, going behind the scenes with some of the world’s most influential talents.


Smodè Magazine sets the scene and standards covering all the latest trends in the fashion and lifestyle industries. The magazine commissions top writers and photographers to report on current world affairs, cultural matters, relevant information, and pressing issues.

Smodè Magazine is a must-read, with every issue unique to its own theme and aesthetics, covering top stories, elite features, trending topics, and global achievements, filled with an eclectic mix of fashion, beauty, style, glamour, design arts, entertainment, business insights and contemporary culture + exclusive interviews with leading industry experts, designers, and runway reviews. With the brand’s all-inclusive vision it is able to attract the most talented and gifted up and coming actresses, musicians, designers, as well as high-profile figures, to its pages.

Covering top stories, elite features, trending topics, and global achievements in Fashion, Lifestyle, Arts, Entertainment, Business, Health, and Beauty.


Headquarters based in Soho, London, United Kingdom. Smodè was originally Founded in 2018, later formed in 2019 by its Editor-in-Chief Sadè Michaela, a former author, and entrepreneur.

The Smodè brand started out as a niche Fashion blog in 2018 and is now a fast-growing, international Fashion & Lifestyle publication. With growth successfully continuing to expand, Smodè heavily invests in research and development to provide its avid readers and partners a strong network filled with opportunities.


  • 85% of people who see your company’s advert in print are more likely to search for you online.
  • Studies show that 75% of people spend less than 15 seconds browsing a website but spend longer reading a magazine.
  • 65% of readers find that print advertising is more trustworthy.
  • 48% of people find that information displayed in a print magazine is more interesting.
  • Did you know that print advertising taps into our senses that leaves lasting thoughts?



  • 85% of the Smodè audience have influenced others to purchase our products or services based on their recommendations.
  • 85% of Smodè readers are passionate about sharing their knowledge.
  • 81% of readers have researched a product or brand after seeing it featured on smodepublications.co.uk or in smodemagazine.com.
  • 74% have bought a product or from a brand after seeing it published in Smodè print magazine.
  • 47% regularly write blogs and share social media posts about Smodè.



  • 91% of the Smodè audience agree that “dressing well is a form of good manners.”
  • 74% agree that “fashion, beauty, grooming and wellness is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle” – In retrospect, the Smodè audience has spent over £2.6 million on fashion, beauty, grooming and health products in the last 12 months.
  • 64% of Smodè readers are ‘City Workers with a High Net Worth’ according to our 2020 MKR research survey.
  • 40% more likely to adopt the Smodè digital membership plan while purchasing ‘one-off’ print issues.