Afterwards Online

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The Emerging Fashion Designer to Watch Out For in 2021 Based in Los Angeles, California.

“Past, Present, Future”

Founded in 2019 by Nigerian-born designer David Odunola (At Age 19), Afterwards is a representation of the unending form of Evolution. It depicts the process of shaping and development in different structures and forms of Art. This is done by Absorbing the culture and artistic history of the Past, Present, and unforeseen Future, which leads to the gradual changing of objects, species, and mindsets over time.

Afterward is born to convey this unique process, aiming to promote and resonate with the concept of referencing and recycling of ideas in different forms ranging from Ancient history to an envisioned future.


Past Present Future

The Introductory Collection, which communicates the idea of designing or creating an envisioned future from details of the past and present (Evolution). Drawing inspiration from the motion pictures; The Matrix (1999) & Johnny Mnemonic (1995), which depicts a world in a fictitious future despite living or being created in the past. Details of the collection, such as the leather fabrics, which was worn by the Hero and Heroine (Neo and Trinity) in The Matrix. The bold pockets and silver zipper detailing is used to signify a futuristic emblem.

The statement

“THE FUTURE CANNOT BE CHANGED. THE PAST AND PRESENT ARE YOUR WEAPONS” drives the Idea “The future is what we make it to be”, referring to the past and present as tools.