Amouage Reshapes The Library Collection Around Four Iconic Opuses in a New Curatorial Approach

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Inspired by the omniscient allure of a library and mankind’s insatiable quest for knowledge, The Library Collection is a celebration of integrity, creativity, and virtuosity. A place where the soul leaves an imprint on the art of living, this collection of opuses proposes inventive perfumery, exclusive accords, and always bold and unexpected scents to treasure.

Amouage Library Collection

Since 2010, The Library Collection has been a freestanding, specific territory of expression within the Amouage repertoire to freely explore the possibilities of perfumery by pushing certain ingredients and accords beyond their limits. This trailblazing approach has allowed Amouage to author audacious, daring, and artistic olfactory propositions that are the antithesis of conventional perfumery and have since received critical praise.

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