Authors April and Jackson Jones Help Build Children’s Self-Esteem & Manners

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April and Jackson Jones were writing children’s books long before realizing their dream of becoming published.  Despite a slate of worthwhile ideas, they struggled to find a home for their unique brand of educational content.  That is, until Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream saw magic in those ideas, and took a leap of faith that parents would see the same magic in the Jones’ books and want to bring it into their homes.  

The Jones’ stories emphasize everyday life struggles that are relevant and impactful but often overlooked and difficult to address. Things like arguing with your toddler about the necessity of bath time, or convincing your child that practice and never giving up are the keys to improving their game of soccer.  The Jones’ found that the best way to communicate these simple messages to children was through examples that they could relate to and enjoy, like a stinky princess or a fiery unicorn. 

April and Jackson Jones

As April and Jackson personally discovered, hygiene and manners are some of the hardest concepts for youngsters to master; a reality (and a battle) most parents must face. Thankfully, the Jones’ outline solutions in their book, Scraggle Princess, in which children learn from a princess who ignores her bad hygiene and impolite manners. For kids, she illustrates that looking at things from a different (and a clean) perspective will help them see the value in things like brushing teeth, showering, and being polite or grateful. 

Another of the Jones’ books encourages self-esteem via colorful illustrations and a passionate main character. Reverie: I Believe in Me follows the life of a young unicorn who has many talents, except for believing in herself – something many children struggle with.  The magic in Reverie centers around the confidence-building power the young unicorn finds in the words “She Can,” and the self-assurance she finds by ignoring the words “She Can’t.” 

Authors like the Jones’ make important lessons easy to teach, and they do it with fun, innovative storylines that will be some of the most memorable books children ever read.

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