Blurry Lines: Beautiful, Poignant Novel Sees COVID Ignite Culture-Torn Love Story

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Tayo Emmanuel’s ‘Blurry Lines’ is an intense and passionate story where tragedy meets love, culture meets desire and the raw truth of 2020’s Coronavirus pandemic seeps into the world of fiction. Readers should prepare to meet a family that has experienced premature deaths far too many times, as one man and his sister-in-law grapple with grief and their latent desires. Nobody is safe from love’s eternal grip!

2020 has been the toughest year yet for humanity. One by-product of the pandemic, however, is a slew of new books whose narratives are driven by this prolific force that now controls everyday life.

In ‘Blurry Lines’, renowned author Tayo Emmanuel uses the backdrop of COVID-19 to tell the story of a family plagued by illness and subsequent grief, as culture and love collide to answer the most basic of human urges.

Synopsis: She’s a free spirit, he’s her brother-in-law; the pandemic is set to change the dynamics …

Widowed single parent, Nathan Araba has always lived by social rules to keep his life in balance. But a family reunion is about to tip him to the edge when he gets stranded in London. Grief threw Nathan into Maria’s arms the first time. Now, she’s married to his brother and she has only Nathan to help her through her grief when coronavirus invaded the Araba’s household. Bound together in the lock-down, emotions start running amok. As Nathan tries to keep his family from falling apart, he is torn between embracing the love he needs or the rules he’s always lived by.

“The novel runs the gamut of human emotions,” the author says. “Nathan is far from home, but quickly learns that his emotions and un-acknowledged desire have travelled every step with him. While of course a love story at heart, I wanted to explore how racial lines, generational gaps and wide cultural differences play out amid tragedy from this pandemic, especially at a time when Britain is discussing the concept of Unconscious Bias. Readers are going to learn a lot about their own lives and prejudices in the process.”

Continuing, “The pandemic has changed so much about how humanity operates and thinks, and most importantly, it has redefined our relationships. In this book, readers can explore this concept in a safe space, and one that is very easy to relate to. I’d urge everyone to pick up a copy.”

‘Blurry Lines’ is available now:

Tayo Emmanuel is the author of best-selling novels, A Bouquet of Dilemma and Echoes from the Past. Echoes from the Past has recently been made into a movie titled ‘Echoes’, and will be premiering in December, 2020.

Tayo has worked in financial services for over two decades with experience in Communications, Business Development, Business Analysis and Brand Management.

An incurable romantic, she is a passionate speaker on relationships and family-life matters. Tayo finds the interplays and unpredictability of human relationships intriguing and she continually draws inspiration from real life issues to tell her stories.