Building a Solid Foundation: FloBeds Announces New Ergonomic Hard Maple Platform Mattress Frame

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What one company president did during the pandemic.

The bedrock of any sleep system is its foundation. Which is why, for the last twenty years, the FloBeds woodworking team has been handcrafting beautiful and durable wooden mattress frames specifically designed to cradle their natural latex mattresses.

But if comfort is king, beauty is queen. The things one uses every day should be comfortable and durable, but they should also be elegant and versatile—because, in this newly remote world, one never knows when the bedroom will become the digital boardroom. And as the world evolves, so does Flobeds. Which is why they were inspired to develop the next generation of support for their unique customizable latex mattresses. Today, the FloBeds dream team is proud to introduce their new hard maple Ergonomic Frame.

Ergonomic design eliminates stubbing your toes or banging your shins in the dark.

Their new Ergonomic Frame retains all the design hallmarks that FloBeds is known for: it’s strong, durable, and easy to assemble. But now, their customers can rest easy knowing that hard maple, the strongest hardwood used in traditional American furniture, is supporting their mattress. The Ergonomic Frame is expertly designed to cradle a mattress on a series of maple slats, which provide air circulation, support, and comfort. And the elegant floating design means that the frame is the same size as the mattress—with no cumbersome protruding edges to trip over. 

FloBeds President and designer Dave Turner notes You can glide into bed without stubbing your toes or banging your shins in the dark. Plus, the 100% ethically sourced hard maple is so naturally beautiful, you’ll want to show it off.