Capturing The Chapter With Kelly Gellard

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Photography is way more than being able to hold a camera steady and shooting ‘nice shots’ it’s art, application, and the practice of creating long-lasting images. 

Did you know before drones were created, the first-ever aerial photography was carried out by French photographer, inventor, and balloonist; Gaspar Felix Tournachon in 1858. He shot Paris from the balloon.

After many moons of test shooting personally, Kelly went to college to study photography, later went on to university where she achieved a BA in Fashion Photography.

Since graduating from university, Kelly has not stopped striving for greatness. In 2016, Kelly assisted photographer Jack Alexander on a photo shoot featuring the well-known singer, James Arthur.

In 2017, Kelly had 14 of her photographs exhibited in a gallery in South Hampton, UK an exhibition named ‘Small Faces’. In March 2017, all of Kelly’s work was used in an article for the future catwalk project, where she was appointed head of photography shooting; catwalks, visitors, backstage, and guest speakers. July 2017, Gellard assisted photographer Joseph Sinclair on set working behind the scenes photographing actor Sean Teale for a 7-page spread in Issue no. 27 in Fault magazine. Later Kelly went on to achieve a win of 3 major awards for her creativity and work ethic. Kelly Gellard’s creativity does not go unnoticed, she’s had her work featured on websites, countless magazine columns had the privilege of working at the London Fashion Week two years in a row, and has taken on the role of concept creator, artistic director, stylist, photographer, and re-toucher. Not-to-mention organized and hosted her very own exhibition and networking event named, ‘The Changing Room.’

Kelly Says “I am lucky enough to say I think I know exactly which photograph I took which made me fall in love with photography, it was actually a shot I took of my mother when I was quite young… I was allowed to use the family camera one Christmas. I remember really taking my time on this particular shot and waited for the beautiful emotion of laughter to burst, the smile to form geometrically correct, focusing accurately to get the utmost sharpness/detail possible and zooming and moving my angle till the exact frame/composition was achieved. I then remember looking back at the image I just took and got a feeling of satisfaction and perfection like no other! From then I think I just realized I always seemed to know exactly what I wanted to achieve within each photograph, and wouldn’t really stop until that exact shot was achieved. Holding a camera, and clicking that final button for that perfect shot.”

Kelly explains, “the Changing Room photography exhibition and networking event occurred on the 12th April 2018 in Shoreditch, London. The city is known as home to many creatives across London. The intention and theme of this project had been to firstly showcase the merge between Sports and Fashion. As well as to show how this is now a fully established clothing category and its popularity is increasing, whilst also expressing its current relevance within current trend forecasts. Secondly to show what a positive influence it has been, to enhance creativity and design but most of all, to make sure health, exercise, and fitness are taken seriously. In a nation that is so actively involved within current Fashion trends. Lastly, this event was also organized as a way to present my own work, show in which style and photo-graphical my versatility would fit into, and pursue the most of my abilities after deciding which style I like the most.”

What’s next from the affluent photographer Kelly Gellard?

She is passionate about advancing her photography career further, she wishes to take on new experiences in Wedding and Music photography.