China Review Studio Presents UK-China Documentary Telling Stories of Chinese Scientists Competing in the “Olympics of Science”

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A new science documentary Future Fantastic: China’s Science Revolution directed by British director Christopher Riley was recently broadcast on Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific and Youku, one of the largest video platforms in China. The documentary was featured on and Nature magazine. First day online, it is already the most popular documentary on the Chinese platform.

The documentary features cutting-edge technological achievements, from the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program, the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, SMILE Project, to the Jiaolong submersible and the Zuchongzhi Quantum Computer. It has also profiled the stories of top Chinese scientists and engineers who are working at the top of their chosen fields in medicine, genetics, robotics, cosmology and planetary science. Chinese scientists advancing in the field of science like Olympic athletes, spending decades pushing the limits and exploring the unknown. Not only have they achieved impressive results in their own fields, they have also become the innovative messengers connecting China and the world.

To ensure the authenticity to the greatest extent, the film crew followed the scientists to the fields, to the laboratory, to the underground cave, and to the deep sea. Director Christopher Riley said: “I hope you feel very proud of what the Chinese scientists and engineers that we feature in the series have accomplished and how curious and driven they are to push the frontiers of human knowledge as far as possible in their lifetimes. In the short time I spent with them, I felt really inspired by their determination to follow their dreams and I hope, in watching this new series about them, you will too.”

This documentary is presented by China Review Studio and co-produced by Crosswalk Films. Director Christopher Riley is a BAFTA and Emmy nominated British science writer and documentary filmmaker specializing in science, engineering, and history. He is also a member of the Royal Astronomical Society. He conceived and co-produced the Sundance-winning Ron Howard documentary In the Shadow of the Moon.

The documentary will also be broadcast internationally on Etisalat, Films Media Group, Slovenia Pro Plus, and JMU Radio Televizija Srbije, etc.

You can see the highlights of it here:

SOURCE China Review Studio