Create The Perfect Summer Lounging Area

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Summer Decking Styling Essentials

Decking spaces are so easy to style and they are perfect for lounging in on a hot summer’s day! Lights4fun has some great tips on how you can decorate with garden lighting, to make your decking area look most inviting during the day when the sun is shining & bring it to life as the night draws in.

Lights4fun believes the first step to transforming your decking space is to consider your alfresco seating area. Opt for a deckchair to create those holiday vibes or even a comfy bean bag for the ultimate lounge feel! You can then begin adding décor at different levels to achieve a finished look. Lights4fun suggests styling outdoor lanterns and LED candles at floor level, dotting them around at differing heights. Their Outdoor TruGlow® Candles are as realistic you can get, featuring real wax and lifelike flickering flames for an authentic glow.

Overhead lighting is equally as important according to Lights4fun. Festoons and fairy lights are both a great choice for stringing above your summer set-up and are guaranteed to complete your styling. Solar lights are even more perfect for the season and are the hassle free way to illuminate your garden, with no power sockets and no fuss involved! You simply have to pop the solar panel in a sunny spot outdoors to enable them to charge and they will automatically turn on as darkness falls. Lights4fun’s Carlton Spiral Solar Fairy Lights are a contemporary accessory for your display, incorporating metal spirals as part of their design to give them a unique yet stylish appearance.

Sitting a small table next to your seating area is a must-have for your arrangement. Not only does it enable easy reach of your drink or book, you can use this as another point to decorate. Ensure that your table isn’t too cluttered by opting for decor which doesn’t take up too much space. Smaller lanterns are ideal for tabletop styling and Lights4fun’s Melbourne Garden Lanternis an on-trend addition. As the sun shines, its distinct wired design creates a patterned shadow against walls & floors and it also radiates this effect once illuminated by night.

Create a chilled out space where you can relax & enjoy the summer weather!

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