Daniela Mazzeo Different Perspectives

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The concept behind my images is inspired by my idea of life on how it should be lived. In fact, often in life as in photography one should appreciate and value small things, accept the circumstances that reality offers us and turn them into an opportunity for growth. Changing prospects and points of view digging in depth allows us to overcome the limit of perfection and stereotypes. Implementing this mechanism in both life and photography can generate surprising results. How to look at these pictures, apparently edited, and then discover (turning the photo) that the result is surprisingly simple and clear as life itself.

Instagram: @daniela_mazzeo88


The idea of the project was born from the need to break some photographic rules that the world of photography currently imposes on us photographers. We are surrounded by perfect images and most of them are edited with photoshop. The London climate inspired me to develop a metaphor for life. I come from southern Italy, where it is possible to see the sun every day and the climate in London has had a significant impact on my creativity.

I remember a rainy day, after a long day of work only useful to earn my bread. I sat on a bench, the water kept going down and I kept staring at a puddle. So, I said to myself “ok, Daniela this is what London is offering you, right now! Accept it and work on it “, basically that was my metaphor for life. I started shooting about 4 years ago. In Italy I was able to get closer to the world of art and discovering a new way to express myself. I studied the power of attraction and met people with the same philosophy of life. I started using intuition, a power that we all have but few of us know or do not stimulate. I had given strength and power to my unconscious and I follow it. I had to let it speak. Art always has been part of me, I just had to discover it.

London has taught me a lot and continues to do so every minute of my life. At the beginning I practiced taking many street photos, drivers by curiosity to observe and capture realities never seen before. Here, in London, are born many of my projects, and thanks to this city I was able to make alive my first exhibition in Italy. I do not consider my self a professional photographer but simply a traveler committed to self-research. Photography is only a medium. My goals are to stimulate the unconscious, transform my way of thinking, looking, and speaking through art.

I want to transform my existence. I only have two beliefs. The first is that I would like to be an artist and the second one is the hope that if I following my instincts (studying and improving without giving up), in this case perhaps I will have success. I would love to do more exhibitions around the world but especially in London to say thanks to this magic and amazing city. I will be very happy to start collaborating with other artists, in some galleries. I want art around me and in my opinion, the only way to achieve this, is to travel, meeting new cultures and traditions. I am interested even in the “Blue zones”, which basically are that kind of zones where you can live with a happier and healthier state of mind. I would like to find a way to transform my own passion, into my first job. This is the reason why, I start to think to build my personal blog, through which I can work. I believe this is the right time for me, to think about myself. We all are involved in apparently negative situations nowadays, but actually, in my opinion, if we really would like, we can find a way to apply the great law of attraction, which says that we have to transform the negative situation in a positive one.

I am currently writing a project for my next exhibition regarding a new way of seeing and taking photos. For this project I used my Huawei phone (mate20 PRO) it has a Triple Leica lens and it offers a good quality of the image. I would like to collaborate with this great company, Huawei, to set up an exhibition using an installation of screens that can be rotated. I would like to involve the visitors in a game with the artwork.

Approach, observe and rotate the image through the screen, stimulating sight, and leading the person to look differently.