DogCare Announces Launch of the World’s First Smart Pet Clipper for Fast Home Grooming

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DogCare, pet product innovators, has announced the launch of DogCare Trimmer – the world’s first smart pet clipper for fast home grooming. This feature-packed, easy-to-use trimmer helps pet owners save time and money while providing professional-level pet grooming at home.

For both pets and owners, the grooming process can be a pain. Pets rarely enjoy the process, and professional grooming is expensive, in part due to the high cost of quality equipment. Now, DogCare Trimmer is changing the grooming experience. Made for both dogs and cats, this powerful, high-quality, yet affordable hair trimmer makes home grooming easy.

As any pet owner knows, dogs and cats often hate going to the groomers. Uncomfortable interactions with strangers and unfamiliar places cause fear and anxiety for pets that can make it a traumatic process. At DogCare, we deeply value the special bond between humans and animals. In fact, research shows that pets being groomed by their owners helps to strengthen the bond between them. We knew if we could make the grooming process easy and fast, pet owners could groom their pets by themselves in the comfort of their own home in a way that is enjoyable for pets. DogCare Trimmer is the solution that satisfies the needs of both pet and owner, saidSen Lin, CEO, DogCare


With three modes of home grooming, auto speed adjustment for different hair types, and special rounded ceramic blades for skin protection, owners can easily groom their pets at home or anywhere. Grooming sessions are fast and easy with DogCare. It has a colored display that shows essential information such as speed and battery level, an auxiliary light, and cordless design to conveniently move safely around the pet’s body. Its compact design, quiet motor, and special shape make it perfect to trim in hard-to-reach areas.

Typical groomers run very hot during prolonged use. Often reaching 48°C to 58°C, temps that are uncomfortable for pets. DogCare Trimmer addresses this common problem with unique heatproof blades and air-flow mechanics structure design, which keeps the blades cooler at 42°C or lower, making the grooming experience much more relaxing for pets.

With intelligent features that make pet grooming fast, safe, and easy to do, DogCare Trimmer lets owners save money, enjoy more bonding time and groom their pets at home like a pro. DogCare Trimmer is available now on Kickstarter with special deals and discounts for early adopters. Learn more here: