Earth Day 2022 – How High Would 12 Months’ Worth of Fashion Landfills Reach if Stacked Up?

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New analysis reveals it would take less than a year for the amount of clothing that is tossed to landfills, to equal the distance to the moon. Childrenswear brand FIVE OF US have examined and created a visualised interactive page for Earth Day that demonstrates just how much the fashion industry contributes to landfill each year. The interactive page compares the volume of clothing in landfills to some of the world’s most well-known landmarks. It comes as the latest statistics reveal that of the 32 billion garments produced for the fashion industry each year, a whopping 64% of these will end up in landfills 1.

This gross amount of waste is due in part to the 94m kg worth of single-use outfits bought every year and partially due to the 1 in 2 people who throw unwanted clothes directly into the bin 1 instead of reselling them or re-purposing them; because of this, it is estimated that the fashion industry (and its supply chain) is the planet’s 3rd largest polluter after food and construction.

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