Emma Dante’s ‘The Macaluso Sisters’ To Open In LA Theaters

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After a successful world premiere at the 77th Venice Film Festival, Emma Dante’s feature film adaptation of her own award-winning stage play of the same name, distributed by Glass Half Full Media, will begin its theatrical run on Friday, August 13th at the Laemmle Royal in LA, Laemmle Town Center in Encino, Laemmle Playhouse in Pasadena, Regal Edwards Westpark in Irvine, and Laemmle Newhall in Santa Clarita. 

Emma Dante’s adaptation tells the story of how an accidental death in the family turns the lives of five orphaned sisters upside down.

The Macaluso Sisters premiered at the 77th Venice Film Festival

Our story begins in 1985. The Macaluso sisters (Maria, Pinuccia, Lia, Katia, and Antonella) are five young, orphaned siblings who live in and work from a shabby rooftop apartment in Palermo, Sicily. They make a living by renting doves out for ceremonies of all manner. Following each gig, the doves return home on their own, by air, naturally. One hot summer, a rare beach outing is planned on a day off from work. Near the close of a day full of enchantment, reverie, and close encounters with secret lovers, a shocking catastrophe transpires. That single event will change the course of the relationships between the sisters for the rest of their lives.

The Macaluso Sisters is a film dealing with the metamorphosis of bodies and objects over a span of seventy years. It’s a film about time. About memory. About things that last. About people who stay even after death. It’s about old age as an incredible achievement of life, Dante stated.

The Macaluso Sisters is a Rosamont and Minimum Fax Media production in association with Rai Cinema, written by Emma Dante, Elena Stancanelli & Giorgio Vasta, adapted from the play “Le Sorelle Macaluso” by Emma Dante with U.S. distribution overseen by Glass Half Full Media.