Eureka Leads the Way in Transforming the Household Cleaning Experience

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The century-old vacuum cleaner brand embarks on a globalization strategy

Eureka, a vacuum cleaner brand founded in 1909 in Detroit, Michigan, announced the launch of a globalization drive by expanding its efforts in marketing worldwide. The aim is to transform the experience of cleaning one’s home.

Eureka has maintained an excellent reputation for more than 100 years since its founding, and the brand has cumulatively represented over 20 percent share of the household cleaning market, serving over hundred million families globally.

Eureka has been focused on enhancing its capabilities in the research and development of new products while expanding sales channels across markets. As a professional cleaning brand, Eureka has continuously improved its products in addition to building a complete portfolio of offerings in five major categories: Stick vacuum cleaner, floor cleaner, upright vacuum cleaner, canister vacuum cleaner, robot vacuum cleaner.

A key factor in Eureka’s success has been the company’s determination to have user feedback drive the direction of its R&D efforts, with the result that the company has continuously enhanced the cleaning experience for consumers through the ongoing development of new and innovative products that are suitable for use in different countries and markets and applicable to multiple household scenarios.

Eureka has established more than eight R&D and design centers worldwide and obtained over 400 patents for its products globally. The brand’s industrial design team has received a number of international patents and authoritative awards over the past one year, including the IF, Red Dot and IDEA awards. Most notably, the stick vacuum cleaner Eureka Stylus has been named by US-based magazine Good Housekeeping as the “Most Valuable Stick Vacuum Cleaner of 2020”.

Eureka attributes its strong R&D capabilities to its powerful hardware support. Powered by its smart lean factory and intelligent quality testing center, the brand has built competencies in the R&D of deep cleaning technologies as well as in intelligent and lean manufacturing, enabling the company to continuously take the lead in developing cutting-edge technologies and maintain a high level of quality in the past 100 years.

With a firm determination to pursue innovation in technology and be a pioneer in the development of new products, coupled with the progress in expanding globally, Eureka aims to deliver a superior and more comfortable home cleaning experience to consumers worldwide.

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