Expert Doctor Weighs In on How Medicine Should Be Practiced

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Expert international speaker and doctor Clarence Lee Jr., MD, weighs in on how medicine should be practised through his speaking engagements and guest appearances. He believes that physician ownership in healthcare can fix virtually every problem our medical system has and shares his paradigm-shifting perspective. Dr Lee also regularly addresses topics such as persistence and overcoming obstacles, as well as how diversity in healthcare and in business can liberate many generations of minorities.

Amid a complex healthcare industry plagued by red tape, high (often nontransparent) costs, and interactions that leave patients feeling defeated and exhausted, Clarence Lee Jr., MD, believes he has a potent solution.

Medicine is typically an employment model, and I intend to take the profession of medicine back for the physician and allow us to fix all of the problems private equity and business influence has caused in the practice of medicine, Dr Lee said.

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