Five Guys revealed as UK’s favourite takeaway chain leaving Domino’s in last place

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An online review platform has revealed the UK’s favourite and most trusted takeaway chains, based on customer reviews. Analysing both external and internal reviews data, it has been revealed that Five Guys is the highest-rated chain scoring an average of 4.35 out of five stars across the country, followed by Wagamama and Nando’s in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. On the opposite end of the scale, Dominos ranked last in the top ten list, scoring an average of just 3.46 stars out of 5.

Image Source: Denchik

The online review platform has conducted research into the UK’s favourite takeaway chains by analysing internal and external reviews, in order to discover which is the most trusted and loved by Brits.

The platform, Psydro, used both publicly available and internal reviews data to compile the research and reveal which household name is the most trusted and loved takeaway in the UK .

Findings show that American fast food restaurant, Five Guys, is the most popular and highest rated brand, scoring an average of 4.34 stars out of 5, closely followed by Wagamama and Nando’s. Whereas multinational pizza restaurant, Dominos, came in last place, due to customers leaving it an average of 3.46 stars out of 5.

The most trusted and loved takeaway chains in the UK are:

1. Five Guys – 4.34/5

2. Wagamama – 4.32/5

3. Nando’s – 4.29/5

4. Greggs – 4.25/5

5. Pizza Hut – 3.92/5

Delving into Google search data Psydro also discovered that the number of searches for ‘takeaways near me’ has doubled since pre COVID-19 last March, with searches peaking at the beginning of the third lock-down in the New Year.

Furthermore ‘Pubs near me doing takeaway’ and ‘Chinese takeaway open during lock-down’ were among some of the most frequently searched takeaway terms in the UK, demonstrating that Brits are still opting to support local businesses, as both terms saw a 5000% increase in the last 12 months. The platform also discovered that the UK topped the list of countries searching for ‘McDonald’s Takeaway’, ‘Burger King takeaway’ and ‘Domino’s takeaway’ the most, showing how popular a takeaway meal is in Britain.

Psydro is the world’s first social review platform. It is user-friendly and is designed to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions. The platform gives genuine feedback from real people and first hand experiences, allowing customers to speak directly with others who have already experienced it. Consumers can build confidence and trust in a retailer before they buy.

Tony Ward, founder of Psydro, said: “2020, amongst many other things, was the year of takeaways, as millions of us turned to the joy of convenient food delivered to our doorstep in order to get through lock-down. As COVID-19 continues to rule our lives here in the UK we are once again finding ourselves looking to takeaways to liven up our Saturday nights. To help Brits across the country make the best decision when it comes to their food order this lock-down, we wanted to reveal the most trusted and loved chains, based on other people’s first hand experiences. Tony adds, – It was fascinating to analyse reviews to discover what company was rated the best, but it was no surprise to see international giant Five Guys top the list. However, it was interesting to see Dominos come in last, at tenth place, despite dominating our country with branches everywhere. We hope our findings prove useful for any Brits next time they are ordering out, so they can spend wisely.”