Futuristic Artist Athena Von Bourbon Merges Entertainment with Fashion

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She Foresees the Year 2020 Fashion Disruption Six Years Ago…

Artist & Futuristic Strategist Athena Von Bourbon once again stay forefront of the industry through the launch of her rebranded futuristic agency + entertainment house this summer, from the original luxury fashion agency + strategy consultancy meant to disrupt and digitalize the industry – then the hit of COVID completed what she determined to do. The new agency will bring a new angle of futurism where entertainment mingles with fashion and sales.

Athena Von Bourbon – Artist & Futuristic Strategist

In 2015, Athena Von Bourbon created a shoppable video mobile app idea aimed to disrupt the way people shop forever after thoroughly exploring the future of fashion and innovative store concepts. The prediction was these futuristic concepts will happen in 2020.

Days before the pandemic lockdown in March 2020, Athena launched a luxury fashion strategy consulting firm in the hope to advocate innovation and help brands achieve digital excellence. Needless to say, she never realized what she long hoped for was about to happen thanks to COVID-19…The sudden mass destruction of a global pandemic turned the fashion industry into a total disruption of virtual technologies and digital transformation.

The firm has attracted top talents and written insightful strategy reports with a unique point of view and a good grasp of international culture. Athena’s unique mind with a blend of strategy, art, innovation, and deep insights allows her to create a top pick Fashion | Luxury | Entertainment Agency called by many as “Unique & Disruptive”. What is coming at the new Futuristic Agency is getting even more exciting.

I have long dreamed to lead the industry disruption with ‘future of store’ concepts. House of Athena, from its start under my vision, has in its DNA to innovate, disrupt and build unique creativeness for brands.
– Athena Von Der Bourbon, Founder at House of Athena

Athena Von Bourbon – Artist & Futuristic Strategist

The new futuristic agency will truly ‘entertain’ fashion. Athena is undoubtedly the fashion, luxury, entertainment, and digital innovatist with many industry-leading companies under her roster: Vanity Fair, Rag & Bone, Saks, Fox, Sony, etc.; dealt with luxury brand products (Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Fendi, St Laurent, Valentino, Prada, etc.) in E-commerce and luxury stores. She has also won MGM and other fashion competition TV shows.

With its global positioning, futurism, entertainment, and strategy background, nowadays House of Athena often gets approached by clients who are interested in international PR, market entry, celebrity marketing, and virtual selling.

Athena has been trained with some of the most successful business leaders and celebrity entrepreneurs.

She can be a valuable expert source for media and create interesting, insightful content for your readers.

House of Athena is a futuristic luxury/fashion agency + entertainment house in the future of fashion/luxury/entertainment, global PR & luxury brand management, celebrity & influencer marketing. We set our bars high while innovate, disrupt and entertain.