German Science Fiction short-film ‘I AM’ to world-premiere at Cleveland International Film Festival

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I AM questions the public discourse on robot ethics and raises questions for which there are no answers (yet). This female led drama premieres at Cinequest Film Festival and has also been selected for Cleveland International Film Festival.


One day, the withdrawn Noé finds a motionless android in the forest, takes it with her and reactivates it. It’s the beginning of a strange relationship. Far too late, Noé realizes that the android is about to copy her personality.
I AM was written by Florens Huhn, directed by Jerry Hoffmann, photographed by Lena Katharina Krause and produced by Stella Flicker. The German collective of four filmmakers have come together for a second time (after their first internationally acclaimed short “MALL”) to create this unique science fiction short about the special relationship between a woman and an android.

Florens Huhn has a modern style of writing, that often circles around topics of power structures and identity. Lena Katharina Krause’s exceptional camera work is evocative and bold.
Stella Flicker is an Austrian film producer living in Germany. Her main aim is to portrait a realistic, contemporary representation of our diverse society, while leaving behind outdated clichés and stereotypes. She’s devoted her creative work to uncover political and social disparities and inequalities and bring them to a wider audience. Alongside studying film production in Hamburg, Germany, she has gained experience working on numerous renowned film productions. Stella is currently working for a weekly German tv series for the public-service television broadcaster ZDF. I AM is Stella’s thesis movie.
Jerry Hoffmann is a director and actor of German and Ghanaian roots. He was discovered by his acting agent at 15 and starred in his first movie at 18, as one of the leads in the critically acclaimed film SHAHADA, which premiered in the competition at the 60th Berlin International Film Festival.
After appearing in numerous productions for Film and Theatre (a supporting role in HITMAN AGENT 47‘, and the lead in HEIL, which premiered at the Karlovy Vary Filmfest in 2015) he decided to focus more on the production side of film and finished his studies with an MFA in Directing at the Hamburg Media School. His various shorts have been very well received. MALL und 90% premiered 2020 at the well known Max Ophüls Festival in Germany and are currently traveling the world. Jerry is a member of the German Film Academy and represented by CAA. He is currently working in Turkey in an untitled international Netflix production. I AM is Jerry’s thesis movie.

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Cleveland International Film Festival runs from April 7th to April 20th.