How Does Russia affect the UK Energy Crisis?

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Britain is currently experiencing an energy crisis, unlike anything seen before. But how does Russia have anything to do with it, and can renewable energy be the answer to a solution?

The UK’s energy crisis has been fuelled, mostly, by the Russia-Ukraine conflict and Brexit. This is because Russia exports a large amount of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) to Europe and there is concern that should there be a major escalation in the conflict, Russia (in response to sanctions) would limit, stop or raise the price of LNG exports to Europe.

Russian gas is transported through pipelines in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and through Nord Stream. These pipelines then reach other countries throughout Europe, such as Germany. The UK then imports energy from nations such as Norway, France and Germany. But if these European countries are paying high prices because of Russia, so is the United Kingdom.

It doesn’t stop there… Brexit has also caused major issues for UK energy. When the United Kingdom left the EU, it also left the EU Internal Energy Market, which (in short) means that they cannot buy electricity efficiently with the EU’s algorithms – raising the cost of energy, because they may not buy enough energy for the next day’s usage. The UK must buy capacity on the interconnector and then buy electricity flow for the next day, rather than buying it all-in-one and being able to accurately estimate usage for the next 24hrs.

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