How Herbal Teas Can Improve Memory, Mood and Sleep Quality While Helping to Reduce Anxiety, Stress and PMS

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Has your memory taken a dive over the last couple of years? If the answer is yes then you are not alone, the global pandemic has given many of us an element of brain fog. Now a new Tea Advisory Panel (TAP) research review – Herbal Infusions and Women’s Health – presents emerging evidence that certain herbal teas – German Chamomile, Rosehip and Spearmint – could help manage several key issues for women from poor quality sleep to memory loss and debilitating PMS.

Over the past two years the many lockdowns, repetitive routines and quarantines mean that our memory function has not had to work to take in new experiences, hence our current state of brain fog. Moreover, medical experts say if you have had Covid-19 it can have a negative impact upon your memory for up to nine months afterwards.

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