Italian Food Producer, Bona Furtuna, Announces New Ancient Grain Pasta

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Company also gives a sneak peek to a near future release of three incredibly rare pasta cuts only available through Bona Furtuna

Award-winning food producer, Bona Furtuna, is excited to announce the expansion to their organic ancient grain pasta category with four new cuts: Casarecce, Rigatoni, Paccheri, and Linguine. 

What I love about this particular product release is we are not only introducing cuts that are well-known to our customers but also bringing two new variations that may be a bit more unique to the general consumer, states Margaux Maertens, Marketing Manager at Bona Furtuna. Like our other pastas, the new offerings are all bronze-cut, a process traditional to Italian pasta-making, producing a coarser, more porous surface for sauces to cling to.

Casarecce and Paccheri are native to Sicily, bringing one-of-a-kind textures to both traditional and more modern Italian-styled dishes. Casarecce, loosely rolled lengthwise and twisted, resembles ancient scrolls and is originally used for elevating pesto dishes. The large and wide tubes of Paccheri are often stuffed with ricotta or sausage and paired with a red sauce. 

Continued Maertens, We are beyond excited to tease the near-future release of three extremely rare pasta shapes handmade in the heartland of Sardinia, and exclusive to the Bona Furtuna brand. We’re working with a boutique producer in Sardinia to hand-make each individual shape, involving the local community to share in this unique, traditional experience. As a result of each pasta’s rarity, once officially launched, there will be a very limited amount of these offerings. So stay on the lookout come October – just in time for National Pasta Month.

Bona Furtuna’s pasta cuts are available online at Select pastas are found at your local retailer. 

Co-founded in 2013, by Agatha and Steve Luczo, Bona Furtuna is a harmonious 350-hectare organic farm nestled on La Furtuna Estate mere kilometers outside Corleone, Sicily. Biodiversity, sustainable farming, and preservation of heritage foods is the root of the Bona Furtuna brand. The farm is overseen by Chief Scientist, Pasquale “Mimmo” Marino who blends the Sicilian ecosystem and advanced technology to produce premium, industry-leading products. Today, Bona Furtuna offers heirloom olive oil, ancient grain pasta, seasonings, balsamic vinegar, sauces, and seasonal products. A winner of numerous prestigious awards, including one from the Speciality Food Association and several industry-leading gold medals in the olive oil category, Bona Furtuna is excited to both create and share flavor that is truly representative of the land. Beyond the products, philanthropy is the brand’s mission. A proud member of 1% For The Planet, Bona Furtuna has an active role in protecting the environment and its people.