Japanese Premium Bag Brand, Artisan&Artist* Opens Global Online Store

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Established in 1991, the Tokyo based brand releases their cosmetic and camera bags on Artisan&Artist* Global

Artisan&Artist* Global launched their online store, offering a curated selection of premium bags and accessories worldwide.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, Artisan&Artist* will expand into the Western market and release a dedicated global site to cater to the needs and desires of new consumers.

Our Artisan&Artist* handcrafted cosmetic pouches and camera accessories have found many international friends and enthusiasts over the past three decades, says Enrico Domhardt, President of Artisan&Artist Co., Ltd. We’re excited to share the exceptional Japanese craftsmanship embodied in every Artisan&Artist* product and learn from the passions and interests of our new audience.

Artisan&Artist* Global – Basalt Series

Artisan&Artist* Global partnered with Streamline Media Group, an international group of game and tech developers for the Metaverse, to launch their worldwide store. With Streamline’s recent collaboration with renowned fashion house Balenciaga, this partnership will undoubtedly utilize Streamline’s expertise in brand experience and consumer interaction.

I have a personal love for exquisitely made products and travel bags, says Alexander Fernandez, CEO and Co-Founder of Streamline Media Group. The opportunity to launch Artisan&Artist* to the Western market piqued our interest as we see the future potential for interactive consumer engagement.” Domhardt concurred, “we have found a professional partner from a different industry who shares our values such as quality, precision, creativity, and connecting people through consumer products.

Artisan&Artist* began as a range for professional make-up artists, hairstylists, and photographers and has evolved to incorporate the staples of Japanese minimalist and organized living. The selection of bags and accessories available on the global store has been chosen as the epitome of long-lasting premium quality bringing artisanal elegance and sophistication to your everyday.

Artisan&Artist* Global – Professional Line

The Artisan&Artist* brand is synonymous with craftsmanship. Founded in 1991, and steeped in Japanese heritage, the construction of each product moves through a considered design process from fabric selection to fastenings to functionality to bring sophisticated organization to your beauty regimen, travels, work, and daily life. Artisan&Artist* Global ensures long-lasting and timeless style, now available worldwide.

Founded in 2001, Streamline Media Group is a global independent development company creating the Metaverse with video games. They have a strong presence in Asia, Europe, and the United States and are at the forefront of remote work and the digital transformation. Streamline Media Group parents five business divisions; Streamline Studios, Streamframe, Streamline Games, All Pixels, and Day Zero.