Announces Business Audiobook Program Supporting Bookstores

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Allows companies to invest in professional and personal development while financially supporting a local bookstore, and fills gap left by Audible for Business —the audiobook retailer that splits profits with 1,500 local bookstores— is introducing for Business a curated audiobook experience for companies.

Audiobooks are the fastest growing category in publishing and is uniquely positioned to offer thousands of audiobooks at scale to companies, said Mark Pearson, co-founder and CEO of The program is also a meaningful way for companies to keep money in their local communities. It isn’t uncommon for bookstores in the United States to have a net income of only $10,000. A single company signing up with can boost the bottom line and help a local bookstore thrive.—the audiobook retailer that splits profits with 1,500 local bookstores— is introducing for Business, a curated audiobook experience for companies.

How it works:

  • Companies offer employees a curated collection of audiobooks.
  • works with companies to select audiobook options, including bookseller recommendations, from their catalog of 215,000+ audiobooks.
  • Each company sets its own monthly download limits.
  • Employees worldwide can browse audiobooks and listen on the free app (iOS and Android).
  • provides dedicated customer support for companies and employees, as well as reporting, ongoing curation, and optimization recommendations.
  • directs up to 10% of the revenue to a local bookstore (or multiple bookstores) selected by the participating company.

A Social Purpose Corporation, also offers businesses bulk purchasing options. Both specific audiobooks and audiobook gift memberships (where employees receive credits to apply to audiobooks of their choice) are available.

Audiobooks can help employees reclaim their downtime and get a much-needed break from screens–especially when paired with activities like cooking, exercising, gardening, and more. makes it possible for more than 1,500+ partner bookstores based in the United States and Canada to sell audiobooks and monthly audiobook memberships. Founded in 2014, offers 215,000+ DRM-free digital audiobooks, available for listening through its free iOS and Android apps. is a Social Purpose Corporation that aims to bring the human element of bookstores (curation and community) into a digital setting.