Louis Vuitton Taigarama SS20

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Louis Vuitton’s Taigarama SS20 collection is all about colour, texture, and imagination. Virgil Abloh focused the energy around today’s youthful culture. Virgil used the figure of speech “Wild-Flowers, Never segregated in nature” to represent the diversity of his vision which was highlighted in the shows program notes.

Image Source: Imaxtree.com

In this year’s collection, Virgil wanted to make a point to incorporate the work of handmade craftsmanship and luxury. Abloh hired a florist to decorate the brims of straw garden hats, bags, and jute harnesses with wildflowers and white wellies as he sent the garden-inspired collection down the runway. ‘Gardening’ has become popular with luxury fashion designers in hopes to spread awareness about the current environmental crisis. Virgil says “I decided I’m not shifting gears every season, I saw that as a potential trap before I started. I stand for diversity and the idea that luxury can be something wider in this era. So I’m going to continue down that line, and continue this feeling of the whole freedom of being a child, still learning. I’m changing my pace drastically and taking more of a couture approach.”

Abloh the creative genius – Founder and CEO of OFF-WHITE and Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton Menswear, continues to shift the ideas of fashion between the perception and reality. Creating aesthetics that shake the ‘norm’ by combining a unique blend of contemporary arts, opulence, and street-wear, taking inspiration from his Chicago roots and art exhibition based in Chicago. 

The Louis Vuitton Taigarama collection explores manhood, integrating the bridge between grown men and boyhood. Vigil’s vision for diversity is proven in his work. Capturing the boyhood in the collection. The campaign was directed by Creative Director Umi, Photographed by Claudio Majorana and Arianna Arcara. -‘Depicting daily reality and the mundane.’

Virgil Abloh ensures that his creative juices spread-wide. Not just a clothing designer Abloh is a trained architect in all things imaginative. On April 1st, it was announced that Virgil redesigned the exterior on rapper Drake, $185 million private Jet. 

Virgil confirmed behind the scenes design process by sharing an image on Instagram.

Drake later shared his own photo follow by the caption “Social Distancing c/o Abloh engineering.”

Abloh is celebrated for his super artistic vision, having collaborated with brands like Nike, Evian, Ikea and Supreme to name a few. Virgil has been crowned ‘The King Of Collabs.’ On March 25, 2018, Abloh was appointed artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s ready-to-wear men’s line. Marking him as one of the first black African American fashion designers to be highly respected and represented in the fashion industry. 

Zelda Wynn Valdes was the first-ever black African American fashion designer to gain recognition. During the 1950s, Zelda captured the attention of Playboy’s Hugh Hefner, who commissioned Zelda to design the bunny costumes for the playboy playmates. The collection was showcased at the opening of the first playboy club in Chicago, IL on February 29, 1960.

Luxury Fashion houses are starting to open up it’s doors to inclusivity and diversity. Louis Vuitton is the leading example of this. Virgil’s mission is to break the barriers for effective change by his work, focusing the light on his exhibition in Chicago.

He says “I re-branded the institution. On the front, it says City Hall. My effective change is that proclaiming museums as City Hall, I’m saying, go there and study artists. By me re-branding an institution with vocab, it’s pointing people in the right direction.” This is also executed in the work he’s doing at Louis Vuitton. Since designing for the brand he has shaped a new beginning for the next generation adding class, education, curiosity, good energy and delight. He has gain recognition from a new generation of creatives, designers and consumers looking to keep up with his work. Creating a bigger impact on his talents than just yearning to purchase the latest products.