Meet Epic Kiss: KVD Beauty’s New Role-Breaking Lipstick That Combines High-Pigment Color and Hydrating Lip Care

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Forget what you know about lipstick, KVD Beauty’s new Epic Kiss Nourishing Vegan Butter Lipstick lets you have it both ways with its high-pigment color and hydrating, lip care-infused formula. Soft inside, but not for the soft-spoken, the KVD Beauty Epic Kiss Nourishing Vegan Butter Lipstick is packed with intense pigment for instant, one-swipe color. It’s powered by vegan cupuaçu butter to help hydrate lips and give it that ultra-buttery, balm-like feel. Epic Kiss gives you the color payoff you crave with the nourishing hydration you need.

The color range offers the opportunity to create various bold looks but it doesn’t stop there when it comes to making a statement. KVD Beauty Epic Kiss Nourishing Vegan Butter Lipstick comes in 15 inclusive shades with a comfortable shiny finish. The lipstick delivers bold-yet-wearable shades and unexpected pops to disrupt the status quo. Make a statement with intense reds ROLE BREAKER and MADAM PRESIDENT, or deep blue shade BLUEPINK.


Made from 80% recycled materials, the sleek, studded white case will stand out in your makeup kit in more ways than one.  

To introduce the new lipstick, KVD Beauty partners with true role breakers who are paving the way in their respective industries, including KVD Beauty Global Director of Tattoo Artistry, Miryam Lumpini, and KVD Beauty’s Global Veritas Artistry Ambassador, Anthony Nguyen, who created the looks for the campaign.

Epic Kiss Nourishing Vegan Butter Lipsticks are so bold and vibrant, I wanted to pair it with a graphic eye to achieve just as loud of an impact for an overall statement look. The lighting setup was also dark and moody, so I wanted to go for more of a glam-punk feel. – Anthony Nguyen, KVD Beauty Global Veritas Artistry Ambassador – @anthonyhnguyenmakeup

I was honored when KVD Beauty asked me to represent one of the many badass role breakers out there for its newest campaign for Epic Kiss Nourishing Vegan Butter Lipstick. I’m a firm believer in the saying, ‘with great risk comes great reward’ and that alone has shaped the way I live my life. When I grew up, being one of the only black girls in the Swedish countryside, I never dreamt that my journey would take me to this amazing point in my life. In doing what I feel most passionate about creatively, my hope is to inspire others around me, like my baby son, to grow up knowing there are no rules in defining your role and purpose in life, and to take risks to achieve their dreams. – Miryam Lumpini, KVD Beauty Global Director of Tattoo Artistry – @miryamlumpini

I always thought the typical path for me was to go to school, graduate, and then secure a good job and as someone who doesn’t look like a stereotypical model, I never thought modeling was a realistic career for me. I took a chance though, and when I finally decided to just stop doing what I thought I was supposed to do and ‘break the rules,’ I became the happiest I’ve ever been. I am a curvy, dark skin woman and I love that I get to show up for myself and other women who have their own unique beauty and be given the same opportunities. – Akesha Murray, Model – @akeshamurray

Being mixed race, I struggled with my identity and never felt like I fully belonged. As I got older, I learned to be more confident in myself and embrace the qualities that make me unique. Whatever or whoever you want to be, don’t get caught up in the stresses of always trying to be the best. No one really even thinks of me as trans, I just live my life how I want and I hope that I can inspire others like me to do the same. – Ren Spriggs, Model – @renbeep

KVD Beauty Epic Kiss Nourishing Vegan Butter Lipstick ($22) will be available August 1st online at,, and and in stores at Ulta and Sephora.

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