Melody Hesaraky Gravitational Force

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Music has created impetus and inspiration for my fashion illustrations.

I wished to produce a pure and transcendental art form and not just use a familiar image!

I use music as an analogy or metaphor in my designs and artistic expression.

By listening to music and emulating it in my work, I have discovered unconventional techniques in my pattern designs and art-making approach.

Like music, my work was created from the depth of my inner self and the purest way to express this is letting the rhythm leads what I draw.

These fashion illustrations are visually communicating the magic of music.

You can perhaps dream without words and fly through time and space without moving by looking at them. Some of them were created in different music venues while listening to the music and some are the results of remembering that experience.

These special series were also inspired by ‘GRAVITY’ the natural phenomenon by which all things with mass or energy including; – planets, stars, galaxies, and even light – are brought toward one another.