Milena to Livestream Her New Music Single Exclusively On Tango

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This is the first debut after the leading live-streaming platform launched “Tango Artists Club” to help up-and-coming creators earn a living.

Tango, a leading global live streaming platform, is hosting a live performance debut made exclusively to its worldwide audience, taking place on September 7, 4 pm (UTC).

Live streaming has become a popular choice for artists, particularly after the Covid-19 pandemic, during which Tango positioned itself as one of the leading live-streaming platforms in the world.

The performance will include several up-and-coming London-based artists: Hypnotist and Mike Harley, who together make up the duo, Beat Bakery, along with singer, and popular Tango streamer, Milena. 

Together the three will debut live their newest song, “Paradise.” So far, the fans who have heard it have commended its “spotless” production and described it as the “perfect” summer song.

Milena was also the recipient of generous praise, with fans of the duo applauding their decision to include what one fan described as an artist with a “beautiful and sweet voice.”

Milena & Beat Bakery Livestream Event

When asked about her upcoming performance on Tango, Milena said:
Tango became a big part of my musical expression during the lockdown, so it was only natural to promote “Paradise” with Beat Bakery on this platform.

[Until recently] music performances were mostly presented live at the venues, but as the whole world changed in the last two years, so our perspective on promoting the music had to change too. I have discovered that I enjoy live streaming. It opened my eyes that in this digital world, live streaming is a necessity and a great way to promote original music to a wider audience.

I had people from Russia, Australia, the USA, Saudi Arabia, and many European countries watching me playing live at the same time. How great is that!

Tango is an all-in-one space for live interactive entertainment and encouraging artists to debut their music live, to their fans, is part of Tango’s vision to create exciting opportunities for artists looking to earn for themselves while engaging with a wider audience. 

Tango is a leading global live streaming platform for anyone to share their talents live and monetize their supporters in real-time. Our vision is to enable anyone in the world to become a micro-influencer – empowering creators with an all-in-one platform for live content, social connections, and fan monetization. Since launching in 2009 as the world’s first video messenger and developing breakthrough video technologies since Tango has over 450 million downloads by users in over 190 countries. Tango is privately owned and is based in San Francisco.

Looking to watch the band perform live? Simply download the Tango App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Beat Bakery is also available on SpotifyYouTube, and you can follow Milena on Instagram and Tango.