Model TV Star Lu Sierra Reacts During Emotional Reading by TV Star Psychic Medium Matt Fraser

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Television star of the reality series Meet the Frasers, on Hulu and NBC, psychic medium Matt Fraser has taken his live theatre and casino group events online. Matt explains, “Each week I am humbled during these online group readings to see people tune in from all over the world. These online readings have allowed me to meet and read for people I would have never been able to on tour. From people all across the United States to people in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and even Japan.”  

Watch the private reading Matt did for Model influencer Lu Sierra and reunited her with messages from her departed Grandmother. 

Lu Sierra is one tough woman and a little intimidating! She is a total girl boss and an influencer to so many. I never expected her to cry when her grandmother came through. She is always so reserved. To see the impact this message had on her was truly amazing and healing. It just goes to show that even role models have someone they look up to. To Lu Sierra that person was her grandmother, explained Fraser.

The hour and a half live Group ZOOM events are an exciting, entertaining and profound experience for those attending.  Because these are live events Matt will continue doing instant readings for several people and helping listeners recognize signs so they can connect with their loved ones and be more alert to messages on their own. These interactive zoom events are filled with touching moments, frequently laughter and always positive experiences.

During a recent Group Zoom Event a hardcore skeptic was moved to tears and laughter during her reading when Matt gave her messages from her stepfather, her childhood dog, and her departed mom.  

The events have been called the most unusual family gathering possible. During the live ZOOM group events Matt quickly delivers messages of love, comfort as he delivers information to assist a family to let go of grief and treasure the loving memories of their departed family member.