Modern Slavery Code

Approved on 11.02.2019 by Smodè Board of Directors.

This statement is an updated statement for the financial year ending on 31st December 2019. International Smodè Publications Limited is harmonious to section 54 of the UK’s Modern Slavery Act 2015 (‘The Act’) ( for the financial year ending on 31st December 2020. 

​Our company

Smodè Publications Limited is an Innovative design and media organization specializing in editorial content, marketing, advertising, sales, digital, and print production, working across both partnered and owned media. 

Smodè Magazine is a glossy, international brand featuring an eclectic mix of high-profile industry leaders, photographers, and creative artists worldwide, going behind the scenes with some of the world’s most influential talents. 

With international circulation across Europe, USA, and the Middle-East we are dedicated to delivering quality, brand awareness and, affluent content to sole individuals who seek inspiration, the inflow of an artistic point of view. 

​Smodè Magazine commissions top writers, journalists, and photographers to report on current world affairs, cultural matters, relevant information, and pressing issues. Covering top stories, elite features, trending topics, and global achievements in Fashion, Luxury, Lifestyle, Arts, Entertainment, Business, Health, and Beauty. 

Smodè Magazine is a must-read, with every issue unique to its own theme and aesthetics, published in print on a bi-monthly basis, and an up-to-date digital version published on a monthly basis. In addition to publishing international brands, we are committed to the most modern research and development programs to help us evaluate how we operate across international brands and how we can rightfully develop our products, services, and partnerships to expand our global presence in the fashion and lifestyle interval.

​This statement is written to cover both the organizations of Smodè Publications Limited, and each of its branches, including Smodè Magazine References in this statement to Smodè, are references made to the whole operations.

We pride ourselves on conducting business in a professional, ethical way, with humility, honesty, and integrity, and we expect the same respect coming from our partners, suppliers, and their supply chains all individuals no matter what race, religion, gender, preference, or ethnicity. At Smodè we have a strict code of conduct in relation to taking our social responsibilities seriously at an earnest level of approach and fulfilling our duties to lead in respecting, and abiding by the laws set in place, in all countries in which we operate.

Here at Smodè, we have a zealotry proposition towards slavery and human trafficking within our operations and supply chains, we take all allegations regarding human rights extremely serious. 

​Social Studies and Risk Assessment

At the start of the year 2019, we fully assessed the core areas of risk within our organization and its suppliers. 

​In-house Staff

90% of the Smodè employees are based in our London office who are all employed under service contracts in line with all local government legislation and guidance. Smodè employees receive generous remuneration that meets official requirements in the applicable jurisdictions. With that stated, Smodè believes that any modern slavery risks taking shape within or around its employee foundation are innocuous.

​Freelancers and Contractors

Frequently Smodè will employ photographers, models, stylists and other freelance contractors for projects that the organization curate and manage. hitherto, the fashion industry highlighted models who have been victims of abuse because of lack of conduct, regulations, and authority between photographers, models professionals, and publications.

Smodè has a full detailed code of conduct for working with models that we believe are under the age of 18 who are, unfortunately, especially at risk due to lack of official guidance and support. Therefore, to help prevent the risk of abuse, Smodè keeps to the Code of Conduct for working with models, full specified restrictions pertain to working with contracted models under the age of 18.

​Our Global Existence

Smodè top geographical trade markets where 85% of our revenue is generated are the United Kingdom, France, Greece, Poland, Russia, Spain, Germany, Italy, and the United States of America. Given the controls in relation to our employees and contractors identified above, we consider our operations in these markets to be low risk. However, we will work to ensure that our approach to modern slavery issues, both in our business and our supply chain, are also implemented in these markets.


We produce goods and services from a wide range of international providers. As well as providing professional services to freelance editorial, technology, print, logistics, catering, and hospitality suppliers. Our major supply chains are based in Europe and the USA. 

​Research and Development

To ensure that all staff are aware of and comply with Smodè’s modern slavery policy. We have introduced a training program to help staff quickly identify, understand, and report any clear signs of modern slavery behavior.
Full training will be given to staff who directly deal with suppliers and supply chains to ensure they are fully compliant with the Smodè company values, ethics, and policies.

​We will continue to develop ways to assess the efficacy of our firm’s procedures to address Modern Slavery Risks in our supply chain. Our aim is to monitor and annually review our existing suppliers to determine supply chains that may present a higher risk of modern slavery. As well as further risk assessment of our firm. 

Future Aim

We will continue to do our best to ensure that our firm’s modern slavery policies are taken very seriously by staff, suppliers, professionals, and any other subsidiaries in our supply-chain. This assessment will be reviewed annually to determine any potential future risks.

Closing Statement

On behalf of Smodè Publications Limited and Smodè Magazine, this statement is approved by the Smodè Publications Limited Board of Directors.

Board of Directors,

Smodè Publications Limited.