Monsoon NEW ARTISAN Studio Collection

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Introducing Monsoon’s new sustainable Artisan Studio collection, which launches this month and offers a stunning collection of fashion, homeware and accessories, all finely crafted using traditional artisan techniques from Jaipur, India.

Made from 100% sustainable fabrics, the new line features pretty organic cotton poplin dresses and striking woodblock kimonos, which feature delicate embroidery and intricate bordering details. The collection is inspired by Monsoon’s heritage and ongoing commitment through the Monsoon Accessorize Trust, to help workers in India by generating incomes, sustaining livelihoods and preserving age old craft techniques. 

Monsoon is proud to work with the finest crafts men and women in Jaipur, who use traditional techniques to create each item in the Artisan Studio line. They have years of experience with work such as: hand wood blocking, where a wood carving is dipped in colour and hand printed on to fabric; hand screen printing, where stencils are applied to large quantities of fabric using a squeegee; and batik, where fabric is dyed to a desired print using wax and knotting.  Often these skills have been passed father to son, mother to daughter etc.

Since it was founded by Peter Simon in the 1970s, Monsoon has worked with craftspeople in villages and small communities across the globe to create beautiful, wearable fashions for women and children.  Monsoon believes in the positive, empowering, life-changing power of trade rather than aid and works to support people who make its beautiful ranges.

As a founder member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), Monsoon has been at the forefront of driving sustainable improvements in working conditions and livelihoods.

The brand has set itself the target of being 90% sustainable by 2023 (clothing and accessories). The beachwear collection is already 100% sustainable.