Music Asks: “What’s Your Favorite Romance?”

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Michael Tinholme’s “My Romance” Remake Asks Fans to Choose for Prizes

East Coast or West Coast? Michael Tinholme & Band of Legends says “let the fans decide.” The band has refreshed “My Romance,” the iconic Roger’s and Hart tune, with two coast-inspired arrangements. Fans who choose their favorite version on Facebook are eligible for prizes.

Both versions feature multi-Grammy-winning trumpeter Randy Brecker and a cast of top musicians who reside on both coasts. While music can imply geographic origins, such as jazz and hip hop, Tinholme says these new tunes are all about the listener.

I’m asking fans to choose their favorite romance, explains Tinholme. A picnic in Central Park? A drive up the Pacific Coast Highway? I’m curious what the listener will think when they hear very different musical imagery.

Vote for your favorite version of “My Romance” at

Starting today, fans can choose their favorite version of “My Romance East or West Coast” for the chance to win prizes. Tinholme has posted both tunes on his website. Fans can leave comments that describe why they prefer one version over the other. Three winners for each version will win a “coast-specific prize,” plus all of Tinholmes’s CDs, based on the creativity of their answers.

Music fans can enter to win at Both versions are now streaming on all major outlets.

“My Romance East and West Coast” is the perfect follow-up to Michael Tinholme & Band of Legends’ release of “Lady Stardust,” a tribute to David Bowie featuring Mike Garson.

“My Romance West Coast” features Michael Tinholme (vocals), Randy Brecker (flugelhorn), Tom Fowler (bass), Gary Novak (drums), Mike Miller (guitar), Kim Hansen (keyboards), Ray Yslas (percussion), Andy Martin (trombone), and Stan Martin (trumpet).

“My Romance East Coast” features Michael Tinholme (vocals), Randy Brecker (trumpet), Mike Garson (piano), Tom Fowler (bass), Gary Novak (drums), Mike Miller (guitar), Kim Hansen (keyboards), Ray Yslas (percussion), Bob Hovey (trombone), Andy Martin (trombone), and Stan Martin (trumpet).