NYFW – Redefining the Future of Fashion and Blockchain

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The LGT Emergent Fashion Showcase is an exhibition of future fashion hosted by Legitimate Tech and ap0cene. Winning looks will be on display from fourteen rising designers selected for their ability to manifest a fashion future showing imagination, innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity. All looks will be chipped and tokenized as some of the first-ever metaphysical NFTs. Come vibe with us in SOHO during NY Fashion Week from September 10th through September 12th, alongside established designers, special surprise guests, and a network of couture collectors and enthusiasts. The event will feature wearable digital couture, live DJ sets, and a randomized NFT giveaway for one hundred visitors.

LGT Emergent Fashion Showcase Top 7 Designers: Marco Garro, Scarlett Yang, Maximilian Raynor, Ecke Faei, Yinglin He, Yitao Li, Hue Anh Nguyen 2021

Legitimate Tech is a fine art and fashion-focused blockchain company that is the first to have developed a system for creating metaphysical NFTs- physical objects that are bound to the blockchain. This is accomplished via encrypted NFC chips used to bind physical objects to unique digital identities. These chips offer bank-level security to ensure a 1-to-1 connection between a physical object and its corresponding NFT. In addition, these chips offer not only a new level of security but the convenience of accessibility since they can be read by any smartphone in close proximity without downloading an app.

Each digital counterpart, aka NFT, is unique, programmable, and its ownership is transparent. As blockchain-based tokens, NFTs preserve the provenance of the garments with a permanent timestamp and ownership that is publicly verifiable. Legitimate Tech’s NFTs are also programmed to automatically distribute designer royalties from future resales. This means that designers will perpetually receive passive income whenever the NFT changes hands, solving a long withstanding problem in the art world.

In collaboration with emerging designer marketplace ap0cene, we are bringing the perks and provenance of blockchain to the physical world.

Free and open to the public – visit nyfw.legitimate.tech to RSVP