On the night of 10 to 11 July, the fragments of the art installation prototype of the world’s first NFT trophy will appear on the streets of the UEFA EURO 2020 Championship host cities

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Gazprom, the official partner of the European Championship, came up with a totally new award for the best goal of Euro 2020 – a trophy in NFT format. The Trophy is the first digital award in the history of world football combining physical perception and digital technologies.

Pokras Lampas and the art installation in Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Pokras Lampas and the art installation in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The physical prototype of the NFT football trophy was an art installation by well-known Russian Calligrafuturist Pokras Lampas. On the eve of the UEFA EURO 2020 final, the night of 10 to 11 July, the footballs making up the art installation will appear on the streets of the 11 Championship host cities. The footballs will find their future owners near tourist attractions, popular leisure sites and sports facilities in Amsterdam, Baku, Budapest, Bucharest, Glasgow, Copenhagen, London, Munich, Rome, St Petersburg and Seville.

On 27 June, the art installation consisting of 432 footballs at the Gazprom booth in the St Petersburg football village was disassembled into individual footballs, each in itself as unique as a modern work of art. Moreover, the physical installation will never be repeated in the format in which it was created and existed at the Gazprom booth in St Petersburg, and it will remain only in the form of an NFT token to be awarded, together with one of the balls, to the author of the best goal of the Championship.

Our project demonstrates the multi-disciplinary approach by today’s artist, starting with a public art installation based on personally inscribed elements, the project is transformed into a technological digital token, in parallel telling the audience about work through content on social media. Then it returns to the street, now in the form of the component artefacts – the same footballs with which it all began! At the same time, the possibility of part of the objet d’art coming, all of a sudden, into your possession and allowing the you to decide for yourself what to do with it next turns the spectator into a fully-pledged player in the project and links digital reality even more strongly with the material foundation of the work. Till we meet on the streets of St Petersburg, Rome, London and other European capitals! – Pokras Lampas.

Anyone who wishes may become the owner of one of the footballs. To find out where the footballs are hidden, follow the clues on the Gazprom accounts @gazpromfootball, @gazpromphotos, @gazpromNewsEn, @gazpromarena, the Gazprom Programme “Football and Friendship” @footballforfriendship, Pokras Lampas – @pokraslampas, as well as the Lakhta Centre @lakhtacenter and Zenit Football Club @zenit_spb.