Pacific Shaving Company launches colorful shaving creams for men and women that help support and build awareness for important social and health causes

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The #ShaveWithPurpose collection includes six shaving creams, each in a different vibrant color, that supports important health and social causes. Who says shaving cream can’t help change the world?

Pacific Shaving Company, one of today’s biggest independently-owned shaving brands, has launched the #ShaveWithPurpose collection; a product line of six rich and moisturizing shaving creams for men and women that are unlike any other – they are in color.

Color isn’t the only difference with the new shaving creams. Year-round, 10% of proceeds from each sale go directly to non-profit organizations that support important health & social causes.  

Since its founding in 2002 by husband and wife team Stan Ades and CC Sofronas, Pacific Shaving Company has been providing customers with innovative and effective grooming essentials that make the mundane task of shaving more enjoyable.  Philanthropy and giving back have always been a core tenet of the brand, with past charitable initiatives including the CDC Foundation, the American Red Cross, Trees for the Future, and local San Francisco, CA non-profit LavaMaeˣ, to name a few.

The seed for the #ShaveWithPurpose line of colorful shaving cream was planted in early 2020 as Ades and Sofronas were becoming increasingly concerned about the growing social injustices and healthcare inequities throughout the U.S. As business partners and parents, the couple asked themselves how Pacific Shaving Company could help make a positive impact. They saw a fun and unique opportunity with the idea for different color, unisex shaving creams, using each as an everyday vehicle to raise awareness and support for important health and social causes.

Pacific Shaving Company #ShaveWithPurpose

Year-round, 10% of proceeds from the sale of each #ShaveWithPurpose product go directly to organizations committed to supporting important health and social causes. Each brightly colored shaving cream directly correlates to a specific cause close to the founders’ hearts: Green – Mental Health Awareness, Yellow – Suicide Prevention, Blue – Prostate Cancer Research, Pink – Breast Cancer Research, Purple – LGBTQ+ Equality & Inclusion, Red – ALS Research. At launch, the specific organizations receiving the benefit of this support include Mental Health America, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Prostate Cancer Foundation, Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation, It Gets Better Project, and Project ALS.

Our mission has always been to develop innovative and effective grooming products with purpose. With #ShaveWithPurpose, we really love the idea of turning an everyday routine like shaving into a charitable action, and an easy way to build awareness for these important causes. If you don’t have the time to volunteer or the means to give monetarily, you can still demonstrate support and continue to keep awareness for these causes forefront in your mind each day – all before you even leave your bathroom, shared Stan Ades, CEO, and Co-Founder of Pacific Shaving Company.

Like all of Pacific Shaving Company’s formulas of safe and quality ingredients, these slick shaving creams deliver a rich, cushiony lather suitable for anywhere you shave. They are designed for all genders, free of synthetic fragrances, and packaged in recyclable aluminum cans.

Founded and operated by the husband and wife team, Stan Ades and CC Sofronas, Pacific Shaving Company is a leading manufacturer of innovative and effective grooming products for men and women. Accessible, affordable, and practical for everyday use, Pacific Shaving Company’s line of grooming essentials breaks down the barriers that give shaving a bad name.  Formulated with safe, natural, and plant-derived ingredients, Pacific Shaving Company is committed to the well-being of your skin and changing the way you think about shaving.  The brand is based in San Francisco, California, and has been saving skin from painful nicks and cuts worldwide since 2002. 

The #ShaveWithPurpose collection retails at $7.99 per shaving cream —available at and Amazon.