Philips Sonicare Partners with Fashion Brand Susan Alexandra to Create an Exclusive Bold and Bright Travel Accessory Collection

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Inspired by the portability and bold design of Philips One by Sonicare power toothbrush, the collaboration brings to life a collection emulating self-expression to accompany new travel adventures

In a first-of-its-kind partnership, Philips Sonicare, the #1 dental professional recommended power toothbrush brand worldwide, has collaborated with New York-based fashion and accessory brand, Susan Alexandra, to create a custom limited-edition travel accessory line highlighting self-expression through whimsical, bold designs.

Philips Sonicare x Susan Alexandra Beaded Lip Charm

The collection is inspired by Philips One by Sonicare: a new power toothbrush curated specifically for those who are ready for a step up from manual toothbrushing, with portability and bold colours at the core of its design. It’s microvibrations coupled with soft, contoured bristles provide a gentle, yet thorough clean. Available in both battery-operated or rechargeable formats, and complete with a travel case, Philips One by Sonicare simplifies and maximises the efficacy of oral care routines, all with a fun aesthetic available in eight unique colours: Mango, Miami, Midnight, Mint, Shadow, Snow, Sage and Shimmer.

Susan Alexandra LLC

Philips Sonicare worked hand in hand with Susan Korn, founder and CEO of Susan Alexandra, to develop a line of limited-edition products that celebrate the Philips One by Sonicare portfolio and bright smiles, to help encourage personal expression. The bold, bright and cheerful sentiment behind each of Susan Alexandra’s products is a perfect match for the practical, sleek customisable design of Philips One by Sonicare.

Philips Sonicare pursued this partnership to reach a new demographic of young adults who are looking to prioritise their health and individuality – especially while on the go, said Marci El-Deiry, Head of Marketing, Oral Healthcare at Philips. This partnership has been a true collaboration from inception, playing off the similarities and ideas of both Philips Sonicare and Susan Alexandra. Despite the difference in industry and products, both brands were able to come together, bonded by a common goal to showcase our dedication to self-care and prove that it can be accessible, user and travel-friendly and enjoyable.

The first product in this collection will launch in August and is a versatile and eye-catching beaded lip charm – the epitome of modern, playful style. Made of red rhinestone lips and pearl teeth, it highlights the value of a bright, white smile that Philips Sonicare can help achieve, while embodying the eccentric design Susan Alexandra is known for. It can be paired with a suitcase, purse or carry-on to add a pop of colour during travel, chained to a necklace or looped onto a belt for a playful addition to any outfit, or even serve as a decorative ornament.

In September, a portfolio of additional products which includes a toiletry case, tote bag and decorative sticker sheets, will launch. The geometric, abstract design of this collection is reflective of Philips One by Sonicare colours and celebrates an affinity for bold, colourful accessories. The dazzling rhinestones are a celebration of the brighter, whiter smiles that Philips One by Sonicare delivers. 

We were so thrilled when Philips Sonicare came to us to collaborate with the goal of giving our customers the gift of versatility, portability and travel style, said Susan Korn, founder of Susan Alexandra. The bold, bright and cheerful sentiment behind each of the products in this collection marries the practical, sleek customisable design of Philips One by Sonicare.

The lip charm is now available exclusively on for $48. The toiletry case, tote bag and decorative stickers will be available for purchase on in September 2021.

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