PODS PLAY Introduce Immersive Home play Spaces For Children

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Give Your Child The Earth…. And The Moon, The Ocean and The Frozen North.

Innovative, interchangeable PODS create a safe, sensory play experience for your child. 

As our children grow, their needs may change but their approach to play actually evolves quite slowly – and this is something that is both good and healthy. When children get caught up in their own world, they’re really practicing for their lives ahead in the real world. Experiencing decision-making, risk-taking and experimenting with leadership is critical to children’s development, whether they’re leading a band of teddy astronauts or learning how to regulate their own emotions in their safe space. 

Immersive Home play Spaces

PODS, the innovative and play-focused British brand, has developed and designed a range of pop-up play tents – or PODS- that can spring up in a playroom or bedroom in an instant. Creating an environment where children can work hard at playing, the interiors of the PODS can be changed to reflect their moods with Zip-On, Zip-Off themes and lighting options. Themes include Polar Ice Igloo, Sub Aqua Quest and Magical Princess Palace.

As well as set themes, the team at PODS are ready to launch PODS Custom. These are perfectly designed PODS that will capture your child’s particular loves; created just for them, the custom POD will be a truly personalised, safe space where they can get lost in fantasy play without leaving their playroom.

With the UK spending more time than ever at home, a place to play has become more important than ever. Homes have become offices and it’s important that children can identify somewhere that’s just for them. For all children, this is true; for children with disabilities, including autism, a place where they can explore the sensory world can become essential. PODS can grow with your children, shared and passed down from child to child as siblings share their adventures with each other and explore the world of make-believe together.

Alex Ford, CEO of PODS products said, “Children have had a really tough year. They’ve had to put friendships on hold, to form relationships through screens and they’ve had to witness one of the greatest threats to our safety and security play out before their eyes. More than ever before, children need a safe and stimulating space where they can be themselves – or a princess, astronaut or deep-sea diver – and play themselves better. Our PODS pop-up tents are strong enough to deal with the most boisterous of children and soft enough to soothe their souls with out-of-this-world opportunities for play. “

About PODS Products

PODS Products is a British brand that designs and creates the coolest and most innovative sensory play spaces in this world – and the universe. Driven by the excitement of imaginative play, the PODS team has both identified children’s need to have a space of their own to inhabit and created a versatile, tailored product to match this need.

Combining the best of design, technology and imagination with the most magical ingredient of all – fun – the PODS team has developed something brand new.  PODS are portals for experiential and imaginative play and relaxation. This is an intrinsic part of all healthy childhoods but can be critical for children who find it hard to express themselves and who rely heavily on sensory stimulation.  

Developed and launched in 2014, the brand has been growing every year. In 2019, the team added to the PODS experience with the addition of themed audiobooks, ebooks and sound effects.  

2021 heralds the launch of customized PODS which are developed, built and fully customised according to the needs of the customer, no matter how young they may be. 

Product Information 

  • Inflates in 40 seconds
  • Interchangeable Graphics – Zip-On, Zip-Off
  • Remote Controlled Sensory Lighting
  • Packs Away in 90 Seconds Into a Handy PODS Back Pack, Also Included
  • British Designed
  • 1.8m Diameter, 1.8m High (Exterior Dimensions)
  • 11kg Packed Weight, Including Fan

To Learn More Visit the PODS website at www.podsplay.com