Proactive Patient Education Empowers Consumers to Be Better Partners in Their Care

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When it comes to health care, the cost of delivering that care can be enormous! In the past couple of weeks, we have seen a nurse convicted of criminally negligent homicide and gross neglect of an impaired adult in the 2017 death of a patient caused by a medication error, while a physician was acquitted of murder in 14 patients’ deaths and walks away from a free man! What is the difference between the two cases? The physician was silent about his involvement, while the nurse self-reported her mistake. By turning the attention to the nurse and her medication error, we are discouraging the self-reporting of medical errors, which could set us back 20 years in regard to patient safety. 

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We can learn a lot from these two examples; namely, medical mistakes happen; how these mistakes are handled is neither transparent nor uniform, and someone always pays dearly. The good news is that Dr David Wilcox understands this and is using his platform to advocate for patients by informing the general public on matters such as these. Our healthcare system is mired in complexity; transparency is elusive at best, and consumers are sacrificing their health to pay the rent. Disruption is needed, and here to help is Dr Wilcox, an Amazon international bestselling author and doctor. His important new book, How to Avoid Being a Victim of the American Healthcare System: A Patient’s Handbook for Survival, shares clear, detailed information (in layperson’s terms) to empower consumers to take control of their health care costs and outcomes. If you’ve postponed any nonurgent procedures or doctor visits over the past couple of years, now is the time to educate yourself before wading back into the murky waters of the American healthcare system.

Proactively educating yourself on the American Healthcare System means you will have more control over the care you receive, said David Wilcox, a patient advocate and doctorate prepared nurse with 28 years in health care. There are things you can do as an individual to make sure you’re getting the best health care possible.

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