Punishing perfectionism: Brits are Suffering from Stress, Poor Sleep and Pain due to Pressures of Perfection

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GP, Dr Nisa Aslam, natural health expert and chemist, Dr Tim Bond and pharmacist, Sultan Dajani, provide insight into a new report commissioned by Dragonfly CBD.  The report reveals that the pandemic has put on pressure to look and feel perfect causing many Brits to suffer from stress, pain, and insomnia.  

The report also reveals that:

  • Almost half of those surveyed (47%) say they feel pressure to be perfect
  • Almost a third (28%) feel pressure to look a certain way
  • One in five (20%) think they need to aspire to be an ideal partner
  • The same proportion (20%) feel pressure to be perfect at work.
  • Work is worrying four in ten people (42%),
  • Money is on the minds of 40%
  • Catching Covid concerns more than a third (34%)
  • Weight gain weighs on the minds of a third (29%)

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