Pushing your limits this Olympics Season with GoalKeepin

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Let your inner Olympian shine with GoalKeepin’s new Olympics 2021 Challenge Series, filled with fascinating challenges for all fitness enthusiasts on the app. The self-care app has put together a set of Olympics-themed activities that pushes users to put their own strength and fitness to the test while cheering on countrymen and sports idols this upcoming Olympics season.

GoalKeepin's Olympics 2021 Challenge Series
GoalKeepin’s Olympics 2021 Challenge Series

GoalKeepin’s Olympics 2021 Challenge Series looks to be the new “Quarantine Olympics” for users who are looking for ways to stay updated and connected with the highly anticipated Tokyo 2021 Olympics while staying on top of their own fitness goals at the same time. As a platform that promotes the cultivation of healthy habits to further self-growth, GoalKeepin hopes that this initiative paves the path for users to continue their fitness journey even after the Olympics season. Interested users will be able to start their challenges from 19 July 2021 onwards and will have the flexibility to choose their preferred activity from the curated series.

Olympics 2021 Challenges Series includes these curated activities for users: 

  • Watching the Olympic Games, three times a week
  • Running 3km, three times a week
  • Cycling 10km, three times a week
  • Playing Racket Sports, two times a week
  • Swimming, two times a week
  • Playing Basketball, two times a week
  • Going to the gym, two times a week

GoalKeepin is an all-in-one life-tech platform that enables users to change their everyday lifestyles for the better. On top of keeping track of an individual’s progress, the app also rewards users for their successful completion of weekly challenges, which has been an added motivation for many to stay consistent in completing their chosen activities. With more than 550 participants actively logging in their daily progress, the challenges cover eight distinctive categories ranging from fitness and wellness to personal finance and relationship management. For more information, visit https://goalkeepin.com/ and/or download the GoalKeepin App on App Store and Google Play Store.

GoalKeepin is a life-tech mobile application designed to provide an optimum environment for users to develop good habits and achieve goals. Having recognised the pitfalls of goal setting, GoalKeepin aims to help people overcome the high failure rate of completing goals through its comprehensive reward system and easy-to-adopt structure of forming habits. It also leverages the strength of a reliable community support system as the application enables users to connect with friends and track participation and achievement rates for each challenge.

For more information visit https://goalkeepin.com/.