Racing Design & Maximum Grip To Kick Off The Driving Season…

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The Outlierman, makers of handcrafted luxury driving accessories, today announces the launch of the all-new suede Powerslide Fingerless driving gloves.   

Enhancing the performance behind the wheel

Joining the full-finger Powerslide driving gloves, the brand new Powerslide Fingerless suede driving gloves offer optimal vehicle control and a design that enriches the driving experience thanks to an intricate styling which combines with the seats, steering wheels and interiors of classic and modern sports cars. 

The Powerslide Fingerless driving gloves provide drivers with a reassuring level of comfort, leaving maximum freedom and sensitivity to the fingers, ensuring they are the perfect type of glove for both track days and recreational driving – further enhancing the performance behind the wheel

Inspired by the interiors of a sports car and racing icons, the luxury suede fingerless gloves are presented in the colour combinations of Grey/Red and Grey/Yellow. Handcrafted using specially selected suede and enriched with high-performance seams, they are the perfect accompaniment for any driving experience.                      


Andrea Mazzuca, founder of The Outlierman, said: “Following the successful launch of our full finger Powerslide driving gloves, we at The Outlierman are pleased to bring our clients all-new Powerslide Fingerless suede driving gloves.

“The colours we have chosen reflect and celebrate supercars produced by iconic marques such as Lamborghini and Porsche. To give even more personality to these gloves, we chose a seam in contrasting colours and made them with a very thick thread. Our craftspeople call this seam the ‘rock and roll stitching’, because it appears to be introduced by the Americans in the 50’s due to its particular zigzag, very lively pattern.”

Sensuously styled and consummately crafted, The Outlierman’s accessories are also famed for their unique design features.

Mazzuca describes the exquisite level of detail required in producing these gloves: “It’s a very difficult process when handcrafting – you have to be very careful because at the slightest mistake the glove ‘disassembles’ itself with a domino effect. It’s a very rare handcrafting process.”

Suede: The symbol of high-performance driving

For decades, suede has been used in high-performance cars – both classic and modern – to provide grip for racing drivers in many ways, whether that be in the seats, on steering wheels, in the material of the driving gloves or on interior surfaces.  

Suede gloves have always been considered more valuable than leather ones, both for the greater rarity of the raw material and the type of processing involved in crafting the product.  

Mazzuca explains the intricate process involved in developing suede driving gloves: “Suede is a one-of-a-kind leather because it’s worked by sanding the grain of the hide, obtaining a superior writing effect and an even more delicate to the touch and silky surface.

“The distinctive sign of suede, which allows easy recognition, is precisely the writing effect: simply touch the surface and it will change colour creating lines and drawings. Given its preciousness, suede requires extreme attention in the cutting and working phases – even scraps are precious!”

The Outlierman company was formed with a mission to handcraft a range of accessories inspired by the breath-taking beauty, supreme quality and timeless appeal of the world’s most iconic cars.

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The Outlierman was created by Andrea Mazzuca and Eleonora Dazzani in Bologna in 2015. A small, passionate team of 10 people designs each item in-house. All items are handcrafted by artisans in Italy, chosen for their world-class expertise in their relevant field. The Outlierman produces collections for discerning drivers, including driving gloves, scarves, ties, bow ties, braces, pocket squares, bags and document cases. The Outlierman Magazine, which contains features on classic and contemporary cars, fashion, romantic road trips, events and more, is produced both online and in print.

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