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Knix is excited to announce its first style icon collaboration with their Global Brand Ambassador, supermodel and entrepreneur Ashley Graham, for their sexiest collection yet!

The campaign centres around showing off our sexual side as it isn’t something many people get to see, but it’s just as much part of us as the side we show the world. This collection celebrates the importance of embracing your sensuality through self-love and living true to Knix’s core mission of allowing all people to live a life that is unapologetically free; free in your body, free in your choices and free to reveal your – “self” to your the world.

Ashley Graham and Knix collaborate on their first collection.

Knix and Ashley Graham continue to build on their previous narrative that all women deserve to be celebrated and given the space and time to reveal themselves and show their sexual side regardless of their life stage, body type, career, background or ability. This collection was inspired by Ashley Graham’s admiration for the art of various bodies and is accompanied by the reliability and comfort of Knix. This collection will shed light on Knix’s impact mission to be industry advocates and changemakers and challenge the systemic and normative ideas around what and who is considered sexy. The campaign reminds us that embracing ourselves and celebrating our bodies is always sexy.

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