Science Fiction Book Predicts COVID-19 Pandemic

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The title is “2034 to 1990 into the Multiverse,” originally published by psychologist and entrepreneur, Donald A. Eisner, Ph.D., in November 2018. This pandemic narrative marvelously represents the first part of a science fiction and fantasy series of short stories that Dr. Eisner soon after released as the complete chronicles. The multiverse anecdote is touted as fantasy, but it would be impossible to ignore the intricate details that would ominously unfold as truths in the real world of 2020.

According to Dr. Eisner, There are a number of unintentional yet seemingly parallel events between this book and the COVID-19 outbreak.

At the time, Dr. Eisner authored this story in 2018, he included the concept of an existential crisis in the book, described as an airborne, flu-like virus with multiple pathways of infection. Dr. Eisner refers to it as, Overstimulation Immune Disease (OSID) — a term that would not officially evolve as COVID in real life until February 2020. The mere observance that OSID rhymes with COVID-19 is just one of the many resemblances Dr. Eisner foresaw.

The parallels in the story continue – the timing, the symptoms and effects of OSID, and the national perception and global response to the pandemic. The narrative portrays that OSID became widespread on the East Coast of the US with New York as a major epicenter. The disease was uncontrollable and spread further across the US in March within the multiverse. All ages were affected. The rapid global breakout was breathtaking. By April, the virus was expanding at an exponential pace. Clinics were unable to keep up with the influx of OSID patients. There are no vaccines. OSID is airborne with various pathways of infection or contagion. Persons with OSID were showing signs of overstimulation of the immune system. Organs fail one by one. Hundreds of thousands of lives are disrupted by quarantines. Additionally, there are evacuations from infected places. Finally, there are brain changes when infected with OSID.

There was a lack of concern about the seriousness of OSID. The National government did not recommend masks at first. Although some people did wear face masks in the story, including news reporters who maintained distance when conducting interviews, others refused, ridiculing those who chose to be cautious. There was largely an anti-science and anti-medical attitude

Did Dr. Eisner peer into a piece of the multiverse and know that it was March 2020 that COVID-19 would explode in the United States? It could have been any month or any year. Was it just a lucky guess that OSID was airborne and involved overstimulation of the immune system? Are the events and circumstances depicted in the OSID scenario just a series of random events or predictive of COVID-19?

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