Society of Happy People Founder Shares Principles to be Realistically Happy

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Do you believe happiness is a singular feeling? Most folks probably do. What if there were a way to help you expand the definition of happiness so you could experience more of it? 

In Practical Happiness: Four Principles to Improve Your Life, Pamela Gail Johnson, the founder of the Society of Happy People, shares real stories of real people who learned how to experience more happiness by redefining it and managing their Happiness Zappers.

During times of uncertainty and fear, people need to become more aware of happy and positive feelings to help neutralize unpleasant ones. It’s especially important when our unpleasant feelings are part of a collective experience that many feel simultaneous. Recent studies show Americans are unhappier now than in the last 50 years, and this number is only growing with pandemic worries and other challenges. 

Finding happiness becomes an even bigger challenge for many people, but it is possible. In her new book, Practical Happiness, Pamela Gail Johnson helps readers redefine happiness and manage “Happiness Zappers,” with real stories from real people so they can experience more happiness. 

“One of the challenges people have with happiness is that they believe it’s one feeling, when in reality, it’s many feelings, and can even change moment to moment,” Johnson says. “And an equally important component to our happiness is how we manage those experiences that zap it.” 

In her book, Pamela shares four happiness principles for living a happier, yet realistic, life: 

• Happiness is Personal 
• Happiness Zappers Can be Managed 
• Happiness Changes as You Change 
• Happiness is Bigger Than You Think 

These four principles will help readers redefine personal happiness, manage their Happiness Zappers, and become more aware of new happy moments which will improve their lives. 


Pamela Gail Johnson became a happiness advocate when she founded the Society of Happy People in 1998. As a mostly happy person, Johnson asked herself, Where are all of the happy people? 

A frequent media guest on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, radio and podcasts, her work has been covered by magazines, newspapers and online publications. 

Currently, Pamela is known as the Practical Happiness Advocate for people who want to improve their lives by feeling happier. As a speaker, she helps organizations struggling with disengaged employees, burnout and high turnover.

She divides her time between Dallas, Texas, and Washington, DC.

Visit her websites at: and

Practical Happiness 
Publisher: HCI Books
Release Date: January 4, 2022
ISBN-10: 0757324134
ISBN-13: 9780757324130
Trade Paperback, 240 pages
Available for pre-order wherever books are sold.