Street-Wear? or We-Are-Street?

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Many people ask the question of whether street-wear is a trend or not.

Streetwear is way more than the latest sneakers or hoodies. It is the component of artistic vision, intrinsic creativity, and popular culture. The style of streetwear shifts along with the times which makes many people refer to it as a trend. However, streetwear isn’t about a particular product but the art and celebration of popular culture moving between brands and consumers.

Image Source: Kelly Gellard | Designer: Hanacha Studio

The driving force behind popular culture has always been and will continue to prevail. With large fashion houses starting to incorporate street-wear into collections over the last decade, this has influenced a wider community to acknowledge the real meaning behind street-wear.

Although many artists have been influencing street-wear through pop cultural music since the 1970s. When the underground ‘urban’ movement also known as Hip-Hop began in the Bronx, New York City, it has slowly made a global impact.

Whether consumers purchase street-wear for its trending motion, the concept remains the same. Surveys reported that 80% of street-wear consumers are young people who are in correspondence with pop-culture and are willing to spend way more on comfortable, informal clothing. Social media has opened up a new gateway for consumers worldwide to share ideas, interests, and ethics on their platforms in a matter of seconds.

​Many street-wear designers are using their own platforms to distribute their clothing brand to other like-minded people within their communities. Rather than waiting for the green light from larger brands or big department stores to pick up on their designs, many designers have learned to become more ‘tech-savvy’, finding new ways to influence and promote their brands to communities that support and celebrate their creativity.

Growing up in pop culture has huge significance in many of the designs we see trending today. Designers apprehend their consumers who are like-minded. 

Surveys reported over 50,000 shoppers across the globe look towards musicians, contemporary artists, and underground designers like Daniel Arsham, Marche Noir Lome, and Kaws for style inspiration surpassing social media influencers.