Style Guide: Wimbledon or a Vacay? Stay in Style With Stunning Tinted Glasses to Suit Your Lifestyle

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Do you love sporting sunglasses with different tints? Which one is your favourite tint – yellow, pink, brown, grey or blue? Interestingly, tints are not just for fashion. Different tints have different uses. While some tints filter light in various ways, others are better at blocking light, some will improve contrast whilst others will enhance colour. One needs to choose a tint not only for the look but also for the use of the glasses.


Do you feel you can’t sport those stunning tinted sunglasses just because you wear prescription glasses? At we have the perfect solution. Whether it’s about watching Wimbledon or enjoying your vacation, you can face the sun wearing tinted prescription glasses. At Feel Good Contacts, you have an option to choose from clear, Blue Light / Digital Protection, Transitions (self-tinting lenses) as well as Sun Tints for all glasses.

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