The Future is Female: From Licensed Physical Therapist to Authority on Clean Beauty

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Thoughtful and outspoken, CEO Jen Alsehali creates a safe space for readers on her Mindful Entity, ÂMÉ

Jen Alsehali, CEO and Founder of ÂMÉ, is a licensed physical therapist who has been practicing in the medical field for over 10 years. She follows a holistic healing approach with a focus on the codependence of the human mind and body. Jen launched ÂMÉ as a trusted platform for all things beauty, wellness, luxury, fashion, and lifestyle. The platform features advanced tools to facilitate the healing process to develop hormonal, spiritual, and physical balance, using natural and unrefined alternative methods.

When not in her clinic, Jen is also a clean lifestyle advocate and uses her social platforms @jensallure and @ameliving to introduce her audience to a more sustainable future through clean beauty and ethical sourcing.

Jen circles the globe promoting clean and vegan products relating to beauty, skincare, health and wellness, fashion, and more.

She started her holistic approach to life and private practice to help solve what’s lacking in the healthcare industry today: proactive independence and health confidence stemming from education. Because wellness education isn’t a priority, we’re reactive as a society when it comes to sickness and injury, and more dependent on our healthcare providers than ever before. As her clinical schedule got constantly full she realized that she wasn’t able to change the world’s healthcare by seeing one patient at a time.

ÂMÉ is a manifestation of her vision to bring holistic wellness education and balance to a broader audience

Our entire foundation is born of an educated voice, but we are also a force driven by human experience. We talk to people, we self-reflect, and we pass what we collect onto our readers – Alsehali

A licensed Physical Therapist, or the past 6 years, Jen has been helping patients overcome long term injuries through rehabilitation, workout plans, and other healing practices. Her mission is to educate and bring a holistic approach approach to health and wellness, while also sharing a realistic approach to everyday luxury, beauty, style, and fashion.

Together with her loyal following, Jen has created a community where readers can connect on deep-rooted practices, unearthly phenomena, and all things wellness. ÂMÉ serves as a platform to inspire courage to accept what we are given and learn how to best embrace individuality. Its motto is to always stay beautifully curious and find solutions to live a more vibrant, mindful, and compassionate life.

Jen’s genuine demeanor ensures that while the experience at ÂMÉ is luxurious, it is also approachable, honest, and welcoming. ÂMÉ is for smart women from all paths of life, who want to make educated decisions in their lives to holistically lean into their own personal way of thriving.