The New CHARLOTTE GRACE Jewellery Label Starts With A Timeless Classic

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Love unites and keeps people together – a strong feeling which is more important than ever for each of us, especially in difficult times. It all starts with the love between mother and child, and it is exactly this positive force that moved founder, Patrick Brizmann, towards creating the jewellery label, Charlotte Grace, named after his own mother.

The brand’s special designs understand this distinctive bond as an inspiration for everlasting elegance and special appreciation. With sustainable production and fully customizable designs, CHARLOTTE GRACE makes love, mindfulness, and humanity a principle.

The label’s first piece, the La Fermeture Éclair bracelet, crafted from pure gold, echoes the idea of unshakable cohesion, bringing together the traditional aspect of goldsmithing with the modernity of functional industrial design. Thus, the Unisex bracelet takes up the shape of a classic zipper, which can be worked in numerous details according to the customer’s wishes, thus becoming an exclusive unique piece. The elegant bracelet once again brings to mind the principle of cohesion and the zipper can even really be split and closed again – a gimmick that offers a variety of different wearing options and is amazingly fun to wear.

Each piece of jewellery from CHARLOTTE GRACE is created exclusively for the individual customer. Why the label only makes its jewellery when pre-ordered is explained by its consistently sustainable production ethos: no resources are wasted without overproduction – an approach that has been particularly important to founder, Patrick Brizmann, from the outset.

CHARLOTTE GRACE’s careful production begins with Kimberley-certified diamonds and extends to strict compliance with EU guidelines for workers and employees. All jewellery is made from recycled gold and with the highest goldsmithing skills. Anyone who wears one of the label’s unique pieces or gives one as a gift for the sake of love and friendship should be able to do so with a completely clear conscience. 
The iconic piece of jewellery, La Fermeture Éclair, starts at a price of € 5,200, which, as with all the pieces still to come from CHARLOTTE GRACE, depends on the detailed personalization of the buyer. Thus, one can freely choose the bracelet’s material, which is either made of 18 carats white gold, yellow gold or rose gold, as well as the number and placement of diamonds or engravings.

In the Charlotte Grace online store, you can independently design a precious one-of-a-kind piece for eternity – suitable both for a friend, the beloved or to love at life itself. Inspired by the power of love and the desire for pure gold, CHARLOTTE GRACE has already created a timeless classic.