The New Photo-Shoot Trend ‘Face-time Photography’

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We Got To Keep On Shoot-In

Image Source: Ben Collins

Welcome to the world of creativity

Social distancing doesn’t mean being anti-social especially with advanced technology and creative geniuses like Francesca Morrison, a Fashion photographer based in Glasgow UK.

When your work requires you to meet people face-to-face for project collaborations or partnerships, working remotely can be a challenge. However, creative artists sought their inventiveness in new ways with Face Time photo-shoots, this new wave has been the breakthrough for many artists, photographers, and fashion publications worldwide.

Although Face-time portrait images may not be considered as professional. By continuing to develop photography skills during quarantine is a great way to get more advanced in areas that may not be the points of the photographer, for example, creative direction or image re-touching. Unlike a day in the professional photography studio, Face Time photo-shoot requires less equipment and more adaptability skills. It requires both the models and the photographers to be the creative force to produce the best results. 

Getting started you’ll need a plan of action, great WiFi connections on both ends of the call, sturdy tripod stands, and the professional camera ready for the action.

Taking photos over Face Time will not come out in the best quality but if you’re skilled enough in editing, this is a fun, creative breeze after all this is all about keeping your creativity flowing and mastering new techniques.

Photographers and Videographers are essentially the bread and butter when it comes to the creative industries. 

By taking the initiative to continue to virtually collaborate, working remotely – if you are able to do so, will add a boost to portfolios and will give photographers the advantage to adapt to new shooting settings.

Here are some photos that were taken via Face Time by Photographer Francesca Morrison

For more behind the scenes footage from the FaceTime photoshoot by Francesca Morrison, plus loads of great content head over to her Instagram: @fmphotosx